CP 152, 152

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CP Volume 152 Folio 152

HMC Volume 1 Page 225 Number 717

Haynes Page 315 Number 315

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

24 May 1560 The Earl of Morton to Secretary Cecill

From the Original.


I DOUT nocht bot your Honoure hes sufficientlie understand by the Laird of Lethingtonis Report, as ane that wes prevey to my Determinationis, quhat mynd I have borne to this comonn Causs sen the first Interpriss thairof; as alsua quhat movit me to stay from declaring my self, before the entre of the Quenis Majestei's Army: And belevis ye have fundin the Occasionis just, as the Caiss stude; for the Frenchis being yan Maist ars of the Feild, quhair my Landis ly, I mycht weill hais gevin up my Men as ane pray to yair Fury, bot culd nocht have advanced the Causs. Sen ye entre at the Begynyng, althoth I was purposed immediatlie to joyne with the rest of the noble Men, yit seing the Mater cum in Consideracion I stayed quhill the Treatie wes dissolved; and then before the Assault, quhen Power wes required, I joyned my Force with the rest, and wes present with yame. Now albeit no Thing wes craved at the Quenis Majestie, nor promised to hir Hienes in my Name, yit I wald, hir Majestie hed yat Opinionn of me, that na Man of my Nationn dois othir mair esteme hir Hienes liberall Support grantit to yis afflicted Realme, for the present, nor yit salbe mair willing to acknawledge yat Benefit by maist humyll Service. then I sall evir be at the utirmaist of my Power, quhilk I purpois to uter by effect, quhen Occasionn sall serve. In the meyn Tyme, for the small Acquentance I hed with yow of auld, I wilbe bauld to require of yow, that by your Meane hir Majestie may understand my Affectionn to do hir Service. Thus estir my maist hartlie Commendationis, I wishe you weill to fair. From the Campe before Leith the 24th of May, 1560. Your assuredlie gude Freind,


To the Richt honorable Sir Williame Cecill Knycht, principal Secretary to the Quenis Majestie of Ingland.