CP 152, 148

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CP Volume 152 Folio 148

HMC Volume 1 Page 221 Number 705

Haynes Page 309 Number 306

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

1560 Mynute of the Counsells Letter to the Duke of Norffolk

AFTER our most harty Commendations to your good Lordship. Although we haue not wrytten of long Tyme unto the same, in any Matter of such Moment as this is; yet consideryng the Tyme so required, that our Advises shuld be gyven to the Quene's Majesty at this present, as by hir Majestie's Lettres doth appeare, we haue thought convenient to assure your good Lordship, that we haue herin had no small Regard of your Honor: And therfore not being so fully informed of all Thyngs there, as we wold to gyve a determinat Counsell, we haue thought mete to referr your Entry into Scotland to your furder Consideration; being sorry that we can no otherwise doo. For if we shuld precisely gyve Advise, and determyne that your good Lordship shuld enter in person, and some other Accident unknown to us might be, that might dissvade the same, we wold be most sorry: If on the other Parte we shuld not procure yow Liberty to enter if yow shuld see Cause, as we be of Opinion that not only your Presence, but the Brute or Report thereof wold much yle, we shuld procede ageynst our owne Opinions. And therefore whatsoever Advise we have gyven, (consideryng the Matter is vnder your Chardge, and the End and Success thereof, being good, shall redound to your Honor, as we wish it shuld,) we besech your Lordship not to be carryed with any Affection of Honor, which we know justly and comely reigneth in your Hart, to enterprise any Thyng otherwise, than may seme to tend to the acheving of the Quene's Majestie's Purpoose and our Desyrees. As for our Opinions and Determinations to haue this Error redubbed, we assure your Lordship it is not only our Determinations, that presently doo subscribe this Lettre, but it hath bene so vniformely accorded unto by all the rest of the Counsell yesterday assembled for this Purpose, excepting in the whole Number but one that is absent, of whose conforme Opinion we doo not much dout, that we thynk there is not one of us all, that hath gyven our Advise hereto, but in such sorte as, for our severall Powers and Knowledges we can serve, we will be glad to serve underneath your Lordship: And if there be any of us all, whom your Lordship will require to have, we offerr to yow our Service, and uppon your Pleasure knowne, we will be Sutors therin to hir Majesty; and obteyning hir License, your Lordship shall redely perceave our good Meanings towards this honorable Service in your Chardg. Thus much to acerteyn your Lordship of our unyvershall Consent and Disposition as to the great matter, we most hartely besech your Lordship, that as much Comfort and Corradg may be gyven, as may be, both to our owne Contrey Men and to the Scotts; and that in any wise the Towne of Lethe be kept, as straight as possible may be, from Succors of Victell or Intelligence; and that no hazard be gyven in any Enterprise for reveng now, untill it may be substantially and effectually done: For it is possible the Enemy will not lett to provoke our Men, and in this heate some oversight may be sone committed: Wherfore Wisdome shall be, in this meane Tyme untill all Thyngs shall be reddy, to kepe our Men without seking any unnecessary Adventure; and only to attend to those two Things; to kepe the Enemy from Succors, and to provide for all Thynge necessary to the Offence of the Enemy, when Tyme shall be. And so we presently wish your Lordship no less Honor, then ever Generall hath had, both for your owne Desert and for our Comefort.