CP 152, 146

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CP Volume 152 Folio 146

HMC Volume 1 Page 221 Number 704

Haynes Page 307 Number 305

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

15 May 1560 The Quene's Majestie to the Duke of Norfolke

From a Minute of Secretary Cecill.

RIGHT trusty and right entyerly beloved Coosyn we grete yow well. Whereas uppon the coming hyther to us of Mr. Keninghale, and now lastly Sir Henry Percy Kinght, we haue consulted with our Counsell what waye wer best to be taken for the Proseqution and Accomplishment of the Enterprise in Scotland; although we cannot well resolve uppon any certeyn particularety, wherby precisely to prescribe this or that to be doone, yet we haue thought mete to impart unto yow such Deliberations, and Determynations, as our whole Counsell here hath thought convenient: And we also doo allowe, and doo for this Purpoose advertise yow, to theintent if ye see not any Part of theis Determinations hurtfull to our Purpose and Service, that than ye shuld follow the same and putt the same in forwardnes of execution: And if ye shall uppon any other new Accident there, unknowne to us, perceave that theis Determinations or any Part thereof shall not be mete for the Accomplishyng of our Service; our Meaning is, that ye shall then, usyng the Advise of suche as ye shall see mete there, suspend the Execution therof, and furtherwith with all spede advertise us; and yet nevertheless omitt nothyng in the meane Saison, that maye tend to the Advancement of our Service. First, We thynk it very well doone in that ye haue sent to levy thousand more Footemen, wherin the more hast can be used the better. We also haue sent to leuy three thousand, as by a Cedule of the Contyes herewith sent shall appere; wherein shalbe used all the spede that may be possibly. We have ordered also, that Mony, Munition, Powder, and such lyke shalbe sent away with as much spede as Wynd and Wether will serve. And nowe our Opinion uppon Advise gyven by our Counsell, is this; that the Lord Grey and all our Army shuld understand of the Ayde that we meane to send, with the Name and Report rather of a gretar Power for the Comfort of them all; and further that they shuld haue as much Comfort given to them as shalbe possible. Furthermore, whereas we haue grete Occasion to dout by Thyngs past, that ether there is some grete Negligence, or some secrete Disdayne or Discord, or some worse Thyng amongest our Chiestayns in Scotland, or bothe; and that we meane determynatly for our Honor, and for Suerty of our Realme, to haue the Matter and Enterprise acheved, ether by reasonable Accord, or by Proseqution of our Force; and that we wold be lothe to committ the Matter to the Aventure of them that hath alreddy committed such Error, except we might probably understand the good Amendment thereof: It is thought convenient, that, consideryng the Charge is yours vnder us, and that some defalt hath bene in Execution of the same by them there, that ye shuld putt your self in as good order, as the Tyme will permitt, and make yow reddy to enter into Scotland, and to repayre to the Campe, and there by your own Presence, with as much Advise as ye can, procure of them that be there to vnderstand the former Defalts. - And if it shall appeare that the Matter maye be acheved in convenient Tyme, with the gyving Ayde and Supplye to the Lacks there, and with Direction to the Lord Grey and others, and without your Abode there; that then aster ye have satled and ordred those Thyngs, ye maye retorne from thence, committyng it, as ye shall thynk mete, to the Lord Grey: But if ye shall uppon conference and debatyng synd that the Enterprise cannot be so redely and assuredly done, as were mete, by the sayd Lord Grey, but that the Matter requireth your Presence; than our Pleasure is, that in the Name of God ye shall take the Chardge uppon yow, and therin doo as shall seme to yow best, with Advise and Counsell of our Cheestaya there, to be doone, for accomplishyng of the principall Purpose, by any Manner of Means or Attempts. And before yow shall goo thither in Person, ye shall doo well to wryte to the Lord Grey, that, considering the Chardge is yours under us, and that it standeth with your Honor that the Matter haue good Success, and this mhap remedied, ye meane to come in your self, and will bryng such Ayde as yow can presently have, and have gyven order for greter to follow yow. And if, at your coming thither, the said Lord Grey shall thynk it necessary to haue yow remayne in Person there for the accomplishyng of the Purpose, ye will so do; and ayde the sayd Lord Grey to recover at his Enemye's Hands his former Loss: But if he shall at your coming thynk that he maye, with such Supply as ye will let hym haue acheve the Enterprise hymself, without contynuance of yow there in Presence, then ye will not tarry there, but gladly furder his Honor, as much as ye wold in the lyke Case haue your owne considred: By this meane shall the Lord Grey not take any Offence, in thynking that his Honor is any wise empayred; which indede ought to rest in redubbyng of this Enterprise: And yet, as it is thought to be of great Moment, the Expectation of your coming thither shall incorrage not onely all our Subjects, but also the Scotts. As for the Tyme of your Entry, we here cannot determyn, but must remitt that to your self: But it is thought mete both for our honor, and your owne, ye shuld goo in strongly with the Nomber of as many Horsmen as may be spared uppon that Border; having also some Part of the Horsmen in Scotland to mete yow: And for your Company, to call to you any of our Nobilite whom ye shall thynk metest, that may most spedely come to yow: And for the Custody of Barwyk, to leave it ether to the Chardge of the Erle of Westmorland or the Lord Evers, or such other as ye shall thynk more mete. And where we undestand by report of Sir H. Percy, being so commanded by yow to saye, that yow haue, sence the Entry into your Chardge, levied twelve thousand Men, we much mervell thereof; consideryng the Power now remayning in Scotland at this present is so small, as we understand: And therfore we pray yow to cause the same to be furder examyned, and certesyed unto us, in what sort the same Powers hath bene employed, and how they be deminished. And for that it is reported, that many of the same hath retorned from Service, we thynk it necessary that there be some example made of them, to the condigne Punisment of the Offenders, and example of others.