CP 152, 145

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CP Volume 152 Folio 145

HMC Volume 1 Page 220 Number 703

Haynes Page 310 Number 307

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

15 May 1560 A Memoryall of Thyngs necessary to be inquired by Sir Peter Carew Knight, being sent by the Quene's Majesty to the Duke of Norfolk, and so by his Direction into Scotland

From a Minute of Secretary Cecill.

Imprimis, BY all Manner of good Meanes to consider of what Power the Towne of Lethe is to make resistance: And in that behalf to inquire as much as may be the Truthe of theis Thyngs following, depending thereuppon. What Nombers of Men of Warr be supposed to be in the Towne, what Nombers of other People. What Quantite of Victell have they, and of what sorte is the Plenty or Scarsitee whyther have they any Meanes to be succored with Victell or Men; and whyther the Army of England doth not seclude them from such Succor? In what Places is the Fortification of the Towne strongest and weakest; and by what Meanes is it lykelyest to be taken? Whyther by Assalt, or Famyn, or by ether? If by Assalt, whyther may not the Myne help therto? If by Famyn and not by Assalt, in how long Tyme is that to be hoped and sperable? Item, To inquire by all convenient Meanes, how the Assalt offred on Tewsday the seventh of this Month took not good Succes; and what were the principall Letts thereof; and whyther the same was accorded uppon by the Lord Gray and all the rest of the Counsell, or no. And in inquyreng hereof is Circumpectioun to be used, that none, being in salt, may perceave that his Falt is inquyred for; but to be sought indirectly, and for no other Purpose but to understand the Truth thereof. Item, Secretly to understand the Nombers of Persons there serving; and thereuppon to conserr with the Tresoror, how many Persons be in Paye by the Quene's Majesty. This is to be done also discretly, without shewing any oppen Inquisicion to the Offence of any Captayne. Item, To understand how many Persons as well English and Scottish were slayne at the said Assalt; and not to seke that by Report of the Captayns onely, who may avowe for there Gayne many Persons to be deade, that wer never in Service, but also by other Meanes, at them, which viewed the same Boddyes deade. Item, To understand the severall Opinions of the Lord Gray, Sir Ralph Sadler, Sir James Crofts, Sir George Howard, Captayn Randall, and such others, for the be Manner of surprising and taking of the Towne. Item, To understand by whose Directioun the Batteryes hath bene made, that soch Chargees hath bene expended without any Breach made, or Profitt thereof. Item To confer with William Wynter towchyng the State of the Shippes, and of what necessitie the Service of the eleven Shippes of the North be for hym; and if any of them be so evill furnished, as there contynuance in Service shalbe but Chardg and Expence and no Fruit therof, in that case by the Order of the Lord Lieutenant the same to be discharged. Item, Ye shall comfort all Manner of Persons in the best sorte that ye can, and lett it to be well and certenly knowne that Ayde is at Hand, and dayly shall come thither; and that Monny also is on the Waye and all Provisions on the Sea; so as ye may well assure all Sorts, that it cannot with God's Grace be long, or they shall see all the Enterprise have good and fortunate Success. Item, Ye shall cause all Manner of Thyngs, that can be gotten in those Partes, as be made in reddyness for Service. Item, Ye shall use all Meanes possible to comfort the Lords of Scotland, and to assure them that the Quene's Majesty will never give over this Enterprise, untill she have this revenged, and that Land sett at Liberty.