CP 152, 118

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CP Volume 152 Folio 118-21

HMC Volume 1 Page 207 Number 664

Haynes Page 286 Number 272

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

1560 To my Lord of Norfolk

From a Minute indors'd by Secretary Cecill.

By the QUEEN.

RIGHT trusty and right entirely belovid, we grete yow well. And having understanden the Contents of your Lettres of the sixth and seventh of this Moneth, with Lettres from the Lord Graye out of Scotlande, amongs other Things, we do well allowe your Advise gyven to the Lord Graye, not to entermedle with the Siege of Edinborough Castel, for the same Causes that you have alledged, as well for the Reverence to the Quene's Personne, as for the avoding of Offence to the Scotts. We do also allow the Manner of Procedings in the Offers made to the Quene Dowagr, without losyng of any Tyme therby, for the Exploit against Lethe. And bycause, as the Lord Gray writteth, he cannot attend both the Marshall Affayres and a Treatye, we think it necessary, that Sir Rauff Sadler should, with forsight of Savete, repayre to the Campe, and to understande the former Procedings, and so consequently procede in Treatye with the best Dilligenece that he can: And so we pray you to let him knowe, our Desyre is chiesly and principally, to have that matter of Scotlande accorded, rather by Communication, than by Force of Bloodshede. And we be pleased, that ye shall authoryse him in our Name to assure the Quene Dowager that, whatsoever she may be borne in hande, we mean nothing more then the Preservation of our own Realme, which her Daughter chalenged and soaght many Wayes, and the Contynuance of that Kyngdome in due Obedyence to her Daughter, to be governid by the Lawes therof, and withut Force of Armes. And if there shall be objectid, as alwayes is, by the French, to colour the remayning of their Men of Warr, that the same is don for subduyng of the Rebellion: We meane not to have the same removid untill the due Obedyence shall be acknowledgid unto their Souerayn Lady, agreable to the Lawes and Liberties of the Lande; and for Contynuance of the same, we will be content that Couvenaunts shall be made on our Part, for to gyve Ayde to the Quene of Scotlande, for the subduyng of any such, as shall withstand to the contrarye. Of this our Purpose, thsayd Sir Raff Sadleyr shall make the Duke of Chastellerault and his Partye pryvey, using herin their Advise, and requyre them to be content herewith. And if they shall have any good and probable reason to mislike or alter this our Offer, or any Part therof, then we woold the same Sir Raff Sadleyr shuld reforme the same, according to their Opinin, so as it may serve to tend to an accord, and be not prejudicial and hurtfull to our Realme. In which very Point we doo remitt the Consyderation therof to the sayd Sir Raff Sadleyr, using therin the Advise specially of Lord Gray and Sir James Crofts, whose doings we will accept in good Part. There be dyvers great Causes, that moveth us not to reject any probable Offers of the Quene Dowager; for that if the Matter shuld not be endid either by Force or Treatye shortly, it woold growe more harder herafter to be compassed: And so lett Sir Raff Sadleyr shewe, if he think good, to the Duke and his Partye of Scotlande; with assurance to them, that this Motion arriseth not of any lack of good Will towards them, but of Consyderation and Forsight of Maters subsequent. This our Instruction ye may, in our Name, by the Authority of your Office, delyver to Sir Raffe Sadleyr, signed with your Hande for his Warraunt and Proceding. And if ye shall think any more Mater nedfull to be committed unto him, or to any other for Treatye of an Accorde, we do authorise you to do therin, as shall best appear to your Wisdome, for our Honour and Expedition of Peace. As to the Hostages which be received, and by you desyred to be brought upp, according to the Parents Request, in sum Universyte, we think it better, to have them distributed hereabouts to certeyn our Bishops, as off Contorburye, London, and Elye, where they maye be both savely kept, and encreas their Lernyng. By the Lettres of the Lord Gray, writen the sixth of this Moneth, wherin mention is made of the Offers made by the Quene Dowager to Sir James Croffts and Sir George Howard, we like very well the good Service done by dyvers Gentlemen our Captayns, to whom we doubt not but you have gyven particuler Thanks; and now we wold ye geave them Thanks from us expressly. Other Things we have not presently to writt, but ernestly require you to consyder our Woords for Expedition of this Matter, either by Treatye, or otherwise.