CP 138, 36a

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CP Volume 138 Folio 36(a)

HMC Volume 1 Page 224 Number 711

Haynes Page 313 Number 311

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

19 May 1560 From my Lord his Grace to Mr. Secretarie

From the Duke of Norfolk's Book of Entries.

I SEND you herewith a Lettre directed unto me, from my Lord Graye, and two from my Laird of Lydington, theon to me, thother to you, with certein Copies of Chaperon's Commyssion and Instructions. Paradventure you wolld thinke that I hadd not donn my Parte in fullfillinge the Queen's Majestie's Pasporte, when you shall see hym staied, and his Pacquett from the French Kinge to the Dowagier broken upp; the which I assure you for my Part I do not allowe, for in all Caases I wold have Princes Thinges more reverenced: Yet, for bicause you shall understand what I willed my Lord Graye, to doo in this Caase, I well tell you what Message I sent hym by Mr. Leeke, under whose saffconduct I sent Chaperon unto hym: First, I shewed hym, howe he cam under the Queen's Majestie's Protection; therefore, if the Lords of the Congregation wold so agree, that he might deliver the Lettres and Commyssion unto the Queen Dowagier: If they suspected the Person; then that they wold suffer som of the Dowagier's Folks to receave the Paequett at his Hand, without speaking with the Messenger: If thes two Offers were not lyked, then I requyred that he might be sente unto me as he went in; thinking the Queen's Majestie by those meanes to be suffycyently dischardged in Honor without any hurte, eyther to the Scotts, or us, by his goinge in. Thus nowe I have declared the hoole Circumstaunce unto you, leaving the Thinge nowe to be ordered according to your Wisdom. I bydd you, &c.

Tho. Norffolk.