CP 138, 35b

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CP Volume 138 Folio 35(b)

HMC Volume 1 Page 222 Number 708

Haynes Page 311 Number 309

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

18 May 1560 From my Lord his Grace to Mr. Secretarie

From the Duke of Norfolk's Book of Entries.

I PERCEAVE your gentle Lettre (good Mr. Secretarie) of the thirteenth of this presente. Howe muche I am beholden unto you, for that ill Tonges or rather Malycious Lettres cannot make you thinke any further Fault in me, then I must I have deserved. By this Tyme I hoope ye are more fully instructed of the Trewthe, then you were by Mr. Kennynghal's Instructions, or Messages. I woll pray for myn Enymyes, and wishe that their Doings had ben better, and more circumspecte. I have this Daie wryten to my Lord Graye, putting hym in all the Conforte I cann; who in my Opynyon is no waie to be blamed, except yt be for that he hath not his Wytts, and Memorie fayleth hym: Be ye sure as longe as the Queen's Service contynueth, ther shall be no Quarrel made to ony Bodie for me, whatsoever Occacion be given me. I have also wryten unto the Lords of the Congregation, of the Queen's Majestye's forwardenes for the Revenge of this last mishappe; and also of the grete Power, that here Majestie myndeth to relieve them withall, besides Money and all kynde of Munytions, of the which I promesse ther shalbe no lacke. I have also wryten of myne own going in, as you requyred me. I am affraved it is but presaging of that which shall followe; yet I am readye, howsoever it shall please the Queen's Majestie to commaunde me. Thus most hartely thanking you for the Continuance of your Friendship, I bidd, &c.

Tho. Norffolk.