CP 138, 34a

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CP Volume 138 Folio 34(a)

HMC Volume 1 Page 219 Number 699

Haynes Page 304 Number 301

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

8 May 1560 From my Lord his Grace to Mr. Secretary

From the Duke of Norfolk's Book of Entries.

SINS my writinge this present Morninge Mr. Killingball arrived here, whom, for because of the Necessyte of his Office, I durst not send unto you. Nevertbeles I thought good to advertise you of the Messags that he brought unto me from my Lord Graye; first, That whereas they went out of this Towne eight thousand five hundred Footnemen, they are not hable nowe to shewe four thousand five hundred; and that if the Quene's Majestie mynde the wynnyng of Leetbe, it is not to be donne under twenty thousand Men; and as for the Munycion and Powder, it is quytt spent, insomuche as they were faine to borrowe five laste of the Ships, who could ill spare yt. For Goddes sake consider these Matters well; and if you doo levie any more Men (as of Necessytie you must doo, and that no small Nomber) they are not to be hadd within thes Countrees within my Lieutenauncie. My Lord Gray also sent me Word that, if yt hadd not ben for hastenyng he receaved by Lettres (whiche he meaneth by myne) he wold not have ventured this Assaulte. You may see howe lykly this Matter is: First, of hast I never wrote unto hym sins his removinge from Lastaryck, and than you knowe I did yt not without dyrection; and sins that Tyme I have preised his doings, and never advised hym to any thinge, but left all to his own direction; sayeng, That he being ther must nedes see more, than I could so farr of advise hym. You may see by the Lettres that he sent me the 5th of May, which you have, that he promysed, before he wold attempte any Assaulte, he wold both advertise me of the maner thereof, and of the Tyme; and yet I receaved a Lettre from hym upon Wenesday, that spake no Worde thereof, nor harde not of the Matter from my Lord Graye till this Morning, the Thinge being donn yesterdaie. It doth not seame, but that my Lord Gray ment to go through with all, and thought to speede well ynoughe, when he wrote me a Lettre, wherein he made no doubte of the Matter. Thus Mr. Secretarie, not mynding to trouble you with to longe a Lettre in my Defence, seing that I sent you the Copies of those Lettres that my Lord Graye nowe syndethe the Fault at, wherbye you may judge of my doings; I bidd you farrewell, &c.

Tho. Norffolk.