CP 138, 25b

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CP Vol 138 f.25

HMC Vol 1 p 195 No 643

Haynes Page 266 Number 248

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

21 March 1559 From my Lord his Grace, to Mr. Secretarie

From the Duke of Norfolk's Book of Entries.

YOU shall receive herewith suche Lettres, as were addressed to me from the Queen Dowagier of Scotland by one of here Trumpetts, who arrived her Yesterdaye, rather to espye our doings here, then for eny other Cause of Effecte, as I suppose; and therfore I thought good to lett hym make non abode here, but depeched hym backe agein immedyatlye uppon his arrival. And this Daie to aunswer here with the like, I have sent an English Trumpett, from hens towards here, with my Lettres; the Copie wherof I do herwith send you. And in like wise yesterday in the Morninge arrived here out of Scotland, the Frenchman called Guilliam Chaperton, who passed lately from de Sevre the French Embassador ther, with the Scottish Harauld; and nowe the said Gwilliam being depeched hens, retorneth this Daie towards London to the seid Embassadour. I have lerned of hym, that, as I advertysed you by my last Lettre, of the Repeyre of certeine Ensignes of the Frenche towards Sterlinge, so now they have directed their Journey towards Glasko; of Intent, as the seid Gwilliam seyeth, to levie a Siege leid to the Lord Symple's House by the Duke of Chastellerault; althoughe in deede it is most untrewe, that the Duke hath attempted any suche Mattier: For if it had ben so, we shuld have knowen yt by Thomas Randall, who cam from Glasko, the same Daie that the Frenche marched thytherward out of Edingborgh; and then the Duke neyther had attempted, ne yet intended any suche Thinge. But the treweth is, that, as farr as we cann yet lerne, the French, perceiving that the seid Duke and the other Lords begynn to gather and assemble their Power, to meet with ours at the Daie and Place appoynted, doo nowe intende to do what they cann, to impeche and distorbe the same; and for that Purpose are repayred to Glasko, being the Place of the Assemblye of the seid Lords of the West Parts. And percaase it may be that they have sum Purpose or Enterprise to Dunbrytten; but what to wryte of it, for certeintie, as yet we knowe nott; trusting shortelye to attayne the Knowledge of the Treweth, wherof ye shalbe advertised with Dylygence. I send you also herewith the Copie of the Complaints which you sent hither, made by the Frenche Embassador against Mr. Winter; and also the Answer which the same Mr. Winter hathe nowe made thereunto. To morowe we intend to repayre towards Barwicke, and we have ordered that on Munday at Night the Armye, shall assemble and incampe in the Bownds of Barwicke, and with Godd's Grace, shall marche forwards on Wenesdaye. So fare you most hartely well, &c.

Tho. Norffolk.