CP 138, 17c

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CP Vol 138 f.17

HMC Vol 1 p 175 No 606

Haynes Page 232 Number 212

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

28 July 1559 From my Lord his Grace, to Mr. Secretarie

AFTER my veraie hartie Commendations. I have this Daie received Lettres from Sir James Croffts, with a Lettre to hym, and to Sir R. Sadlyer from the Erle of Arraine and the Lord James Steward; and the Double of suche Lettres as the said Sir James hath wryten again to the seid Lords, and to Mr. Winter; all whiche I send unto you herwith: And whatt I have uppon the same wryten to the seid Erle, and my Lord James, and also to the seid Sir James and Mr. Winter, you shall perceive, by the Double of my Lettres, whiche you shall receive hereinclosed. And therfore, praying you to putt to your good Will and helpinge Hande for the Furtheraunce of this Mattier, wherein ther is nowe grete Lyklyhood of good Successe, yf yt be followed with Effecte, I must not trouble you with any longer Lettre at this tyme, &c.

Tho. Norffolk.