CP 138, 15

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Cecil Papers Vol 138 f.15

HMC Vol 1 p 173 No 602

Haynes Page 227 Number 206

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

From the Duke of Norfolk's Book of Entries.

22 January 1559 From my Lord his Grace and Sir Ralph Sadleyr to Mr. Secretary

YESTERNIGHT upon my arryvall in this Towne from Barwicke, I fownde here on Holstocke, Captain of the Swallowe, by whom I understand, that upon Sunday the 14th of this present in the Morninge, Mr. Winter with fourteen Ships Men of Warr, and seventeen other looden with Munycion, Armour and Artilerye, were then altogither at Lestoke Roode; and the same Nyght the same Mr. Winter, leaving two of the seid fourteen to be Wafters to the seventeen looden with Munycion, toke the Seas with other twelve, and was upon Monday Mornynge followinge, thwart uppon Flamburge hedd, and from thens by Force of Wether, were putt the same Nyght; in Humbermowthe; and upon Tuysdaie went to the Seas agein, and cam togither to Flamburghe, that Nyght, and ther putt a sunder by Violence of Wether, upon Fryday last in the Mornyng, the seid Holstock in the Swallowe, and two other of the Fawcon and the Jerfawcon cam into Tynmouthe. The Admyrall Mr. Winter with seven Ships, he seyth, he was certeinly advertised, were upon Thursdaie night last upon Bamborgh Castell; whiche indeede I sawe uppon Sateraie laste in the Mornyng afore Barwicke. Whereupon I then gave Order to Sir Ja. Croffts before my commyng thens, both for the enbarking of five or six hundred Harquebutts, for the Renforcement of the Navie, and the better Aid of the Lords of Scotland; and also for thinstructing of Mr. Winter, howe to behave hymself at his arryvall in the Fryethe. And again presently having Opportunytie by the seid Holstocke being here, I have by hym wryten to Mr. Winter, and also sente hym som Instruccions in Wrytinge, the Copie whereof I sende you herewith, to the Intent, my Lords, you, and others of the Counsaile, upon consideracion of the same, may the better remember and advise me, what is meet to be donn further, if any Thinge, for lacke of Knowledge and Experience in me, be omytted, that were expedyente; wherein I pray you, that I maye receive offten Advertisements from you for my Proceadinge and Doing in thes weightie Affayres, from tyme to tyme, as the Case shall requyre.

POSTSCRIPT. I received Lettres from Sir Ja. Croffts and Mr. Winter, which I send you herewith, to thintent ye may the better understand all our Procedings; and I will take Order both for the Supplye of the Wants of the Navie, and also for their Furnyture and Reenforcement with the seid Nomber of Harquebutts, with as muche Expedytion as shalbe possible. I here nothing as yet of any of the Shipps with the Quene's Majesties Provision of Grain, whereof I assure you wilbe greate lacke, if they arrive not shortelye; for if we lacke Victuals, ye knowe what hindraunce it wolbe to the hoole Service. Also I have not received my Commyssion of Oyer and Determyner, whiche was promysed; praying you to hast the same with suche spede as maye be convenyentlye.

Thomas Norfolk.

Ralph Sadleyr.