C78/118, no.18

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Extract from Chancery Final Decree C78/118 no.18, dated 4 Feb 44 Eliz (image of original)

Edward Perrott of Beds. v Robert Steppinge, son of John Stepping, William Perrott, Richard Bigge and Richard Warbushe.

Recites Bill of complaint:

John Perrott the complainant's grandfather was seised of diverse messuages, lands, tenements & hereditaments in Luton, Beds. The Estate was conveyed in [year left blank] to his heir apparent John Perrott (father of the complt) and to his male heirs. Since the death of John (the father) it is claimed that the defts, and Allen Austeade have gained possession of the deeds of entail and other proof of the complt's title, and taken possession of the property and the rents & profits thereof.

Recites answer of Robte Steppinge:

John Perrott (the father) was seised of two messuages, one garden & thirteen acres of lands in Luton, and that the said John Perrott & Elizabeth his wife conveyed the same in 1 Edward VI to Thomas Perrott & his heires, and that the said Thomas [Perrott] & Johane (probably his wife but not explicitly stated) conveyed the same in 6 Eliz to John Steppinge, father of this deft, who conveyed one messuage to this deft, and the other to Humfrey Stepping brother to this deft & Marye his wife.

Recites answer of Willm Perrott:

One Willm Perrott, uncle to the complt was lawfully seised of one other messuage in Luton and for £24 on 10 August 5&6 Phillip & Mary conveyed this messuage to the said John Stepping & his heirs. John Stepping willed this messuage to his wife Agnes to be sold for the payment of his debts. Agnes Steppinge sold the messuage to the deft Robte Steppinge, who in turn, with Elizabeth his wife, conveyed it to this deft in Easter term 32 Eliz.

Recites answer of Richard Bigge:

John Perrott (the father) & Willm Perrott the elder [relationship not stated], or one of them, were seised of one other messuage, one orchard & twenty acres of land in Luton. They, the said John Perrott & Elizabeth his wife, and Willm Perrott the elder & Elizabeth his wife, conveyed this property in 38 HenVIII to Edward Crawley. Edward Crawley willed the same to his daughter Johane, who after his death married one John Bigge. John Bigge & Johane conveyed the premises to Helen Child, widow, in Michaelmas term 7 Eliz, and after her death they descended to Henry Child her son, who in turn on 15 December 33 Eliz, sold the premises to this deft Richard Bigge.

Reference is made to the answer of Richard Warbushe als Mathewe, but this is not recited in this decree.

It was decreed that this complaint be dismissed as the complt had provided no proof of his claim of entitlement by deed of entail, and the defts had provided evidence of their title.