BL MSS La 7, 33

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British Library, Lansdowne Manuscripts

BL MSS La 7, 33

Transcribed by Dr Caroline Bowden for the projectThe Health of the Cecils [1]

Re Lady Catharine Hertford Ed Warner to WC 8 Sep 1563

. . . Sir: My Lady kateryne is as ye know delyvered & the stuff yt she had I wysh it were sne yt was delyverd by the Quenes commandement & she hath worn yt now two yers ful, most of it so torn & tatteryd with her monkes & dogs as wyl serve to smal purpose. Besydes yt she had one other chamber furnyshed with stuf of myn, the which is almost all mard also. Now, Sir I wold be lothe to have now any more busynes with my Lord Chamberleyn, if yt pleas you to move a word to hym yt I may quyetly enjoy yt…If I have yt not sum of yt is fytter to bee gyven awey, otherwyse then to bee restoryd to the Wardrobe ageyn…. From Plumsted nere Northwych