BL MSS Cotton Galba, c. i, 39(f)

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BL MSS Cotton Galba, c. i, 39

Minutes of Chaloner's Correspondence

Wright Vol 1, 4 Page 7-12

Transcribed by Thomas Wright, ‘Queen Elizabeth and her times,’ London, 1838

Sir Thomas Chaloner to Mr Secretary Cecyll (13 Octob. 1559.)

That uppon King Phillipp's arrival in Spaine out of the lowe Countreys, two thousand of all sorts, men, women, children, noble, unnoble, are apprehended for the inquisition. The Archbishopp of Tolledo (1) imprisoned, appealed to Rome. He calleth the inquisitors Domini Dominationes.

(1) Bartlemi di Caranza y Miranda, archbishop of Toledo, one of the most virtuous and learned prelates in Spain. In Mary's reign he had come to England to convert the English to Catholicism. The opinions of the reformers had now spread considerably in Spain, and some propositions in a catechism which he had published were so construed by his enemies as to draw him under the arm of the inquisition. Philip was in the end disappointed of his prey by the interference of the pope.