BL MSS Cotton Caligula b x 91

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BL MSS Cotton Caligula b. x, 91

Wright Vol 1, 12 Page 27

Transcribed and notes by Thomas Wright, ‘Queen Elizabeth and her times,’ London, 1838

Queen Dowager of Scotland to D'Oisel (1) May 5 1560

Since the arrivall of the enemy to Leith, I have heard nothinge from you. I have sent divers to you, and have learned that they have bene all taken in goinge, if a gentleman of the Lord Seaton's be not entred, by whome I have written largely unto you.

The negotiation is broken upon the comeinge of the Englishe, because our folks will not or cannot leave of, and it is now eight dayes since they went hence. The Quene of England continueth her dissimulations: but for all that, the Kinge resteth not so much thereupon, but that he hath advertised the Kinge of Spaine thereof, who hath promised to let him have shipps and victualls. The King in the meane tyme hath caused fower and twenty great shipps to be armed to be sent hither, with other force, which he causes to be made ready. This is the substance of a letter sent to the Bishop of Valence, (2) Againe, the cipher is very dangerous, for within these two dayes one hath shewed me a translation in Scottish language, made word for word, of the letter which I receaved by one of the three wayes of the 19th of February, wherein there is so much spoken of the castle, and of the temporising with the rebells againe. That which is written by Mr. Baptist is in goode earnest; and I pray you to send me the remedie. I have sent fower hundred crownes to Sier Sarlabos at two tymes within these tenn dayes before.

Loke upon the memoriall which is even now sent to me, touching the enterprise of the enemy, whose purpose was yester eveninge to make theire trench on the north side of the water, right against the citadell, to the intent to myne the said citadell.

A man, of late, which arrived from London, hath promised to the Lord Grey to separate, within three dayes and nights, the newe bulwark of St. Anthonie from the towne, so as it shal be easie for them to assayle the rest of the towne ; wherfore provide for it on that side. The Lord Grey vaunteth that, by Munday or Tuesday night, which shal be the 6 or 7 day of May, he will enter into the towne, or it shall cost him many of his men, and their meneing is to give the assault at the breake of day. They have requyred that the Lords, Lards, and Scotts gentlemen take every one of them an English gentleman of like degree by the hand when they goe to the assault.

(1) D'Oisel was at this time closely besieged in Leith by the English and the Scottish Protestants

(2) John de Montluc, Bishop of Valence, who had before been ambassador in Scotland, in 1553