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  • M1299 A: Suffolk. John of Hoo, Hugh of Buckenham and Nicholas de Beaufou were summoned to answer John de Beauchamp of Fifield on a plea that they allow him to present a suitable parson to the church of St Nicholas of Oakley by Eye which is vacant etc. and belongs to his gift etc. With list of people who had the right to present from the time of Richard I up to John of Hoo, and the names of those presented: master Nicholas of Norton - William Dean their clerk , both in time of peace in the reign of the lord king Richard - William of Horningsheath their clerk in time of pace in the reign of king John the grandfather of the present lord king - William de Beauchamp their clerk in time of peace in the reign of the lord king Henry the father of the present lord king - Richard of Gislingham their clerk in time of peace in the reign of the said lord king Henry - Richard of Cockfield their clerk who was admitted and instituted at their presentment, by whose death that church is now vacant etc. from CP 40/130, mm. 89-89d [1][2][3]. Information provided by Professor Paul Brand



  • T1303 A: Rex v. John, bishop of Lincoln. Quare non admisit. The benefice had been filled rapidly by prior bishop, enforced against present bishop regardless. [4]


  • H1304 A: Rex v. Prior of Worcester. Quare impedit for the church of Doderhill. Enforcement of mortmain legislation to void appropriation of tithes. [5]
  • E1304 A: Rex v. Katherine prioress of Carrow. Norfolk. avoidance of king's presentment by collusion or fraud. [6]


  • H1306: Certiorari. Common Pleas. Right of Advowson. Wiltshire. William de Middelhop v. Abbot of St Victor. [7]


  • E1307 A: King's council. Quare impedit. Parson of South Creake. [8]
  • T1307 A: The prebend of Leighton manor (Huntingdonshire) in Lincoln cathedral taken by force. [9]
  • M1307 A: Alternating presentations and dower. [10]; [11]

T1308 A: The archdeaconry of Exeter. Problem of full in fact but not in law. [12]


  • T1309 A: Appointment to the chancery of the church of Exeter. [13]
  • M1309 A: Presentment to Newnham and Minsterworth, Gloucestershire. Rex v. Nicholas de Bath. [14]


  • E1310 A: Alternating presentments to Benningworth. [15]

M1311 A: Order to the sheriff to enforce the appointment to Minsterworth, Gloucestershire. [16], [17]; [18]

T1315 A: Quare non admisit. Rex v. John, bishop of Lincoln in the matter of the presentment to the prebend of Nassington in the church of Blessed Mary, Lincoln. [19]

H1317 A: Presentment to William de Burton of the prebend of Cannockbury in the free chapel of Pencrich; consideration before the king's council. [20]

M1317 A: Counterfeit resignation from vicary of West Markham, to which the king had presented. King & Richard de Hoton v. Richard de Roderham, John de Scarborough notary public & Matilda la Selere of York. [21], [22]



  • H1327 A: Linc. Prior of St John of Jerusalem in England v. Alan de Helle. Presentation to the church of Methyngesby [23] SB
  • H1327 B: Linc. Prior of St John of Jerusalem in England v. Thomas de Multon of Fraunton. Presentation to the church of Methyngesby [24] SB
  • H1327 C: Hereford. King v. Thomas bishop of Hereford. Presentation to the prebend of Wellington in the church of St Ethelbert Hereford. Bishop declares he does not prevent the king from presenting. No amercement because he appeared on the first day. [25]SB
  • H1327 D: London. Richard de Greg v. Prior of Trinity Church London. Detinue of charter (dated Monday before st Nicholas 44H3 by which Magister Gilbert de Mylers granted to Richard de Grey, grandfather of the plaintiff, the manor of Oviston with the advowson of the church and all appurtenances except 1 virgate of land in the manor); Adam, the current priors predecessor kept it safe for Richard de Grey, the grandfather [26] SB


  • H1330 A: Berk'. Rector of Stapeldon Hall Oxford [Exeter Collge] v. Thomas de Stapeldon. Presentation to church of West Wittenham. [27] SB
  • E1330 A: Staff'. Isabella, widow of Simon Basset v. Alexander de Walsham, advowson to church in Chedle, Alexander claims that Simon Basset in Trinity 20E2 recognized that the right to present belonged to Hervy de Staunton and his heirs, and he is the son of Amicia the sister of Nicholas, father of Hervy and Isabella quitclaimed all her rights (quitclaim is enrolled, dated 28 March 4E3), Isabella acknowledged the quitclaim, Alexander is admitted to present a suitable person [28] [29]. Alexander de Walsham was one of Hervy de Stanton's executors [30] SB
  • M1347 B: Norfolk. The king in 1339 had recovered the presentation to the church of Hemstead by Ingham against Joan who was the wife of Roger le Keu by reason of the unlicensed alienation by John Maunsel and Isabel his wife to Joan and Roger under Edward I; the judgment still has not been executed and should be. [32], [33] rcp
  • M1347 D: Suffolk. Rex v. William, bishop of Norwich. Quare impedit for the vicary of Sapiston. [36] rcp