1576/7 January

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January 1576/7

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 111 are here http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/SP12/111%5F%281577%29/

  • TNA SP 12/111, 1. 1576/7 January 12. Note by the Judge of the Admiralty for the sending for such persons as are accused of giving assistance to Callis and other pirates in Wales.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 2. 1576/7 January 15. Memorandum subscribed by Lord Burghley of his conversation with Giovanni Battista da Trento, a gentleman of Vicenza, who offered to reveal many important secrets on certain conditions. Ital.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 3. 1576/7 January 15. Giovanni Battista to Burghley. Complains of the conduct of his servants towards him. Ital.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 4. 1576/7 January 16. Names of certain inhabitants of the Isle of Sheppey.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 5. 1576/7 January 18. Brief of the requests of the inhabitants of the Isle of Sheppey, for a grant of incorporation for the town of Minster, including certain parishes within the isle.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 6. 1576/7 January 18. Brief of the liberties and privileges desired by the inhabitants of Sheppey in the grant of incorporation. [Addressed to Lord Treasurer Burghley.]
  • TNA SP 12/111, 7. 1576/7 January 21. The Council to the Vice-President and Council in the Marches of Wales. Directing that the case of David Wiottye, a pirate, and others of the like nature, should be referred to the Court of Admiralty.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 8. 1576/7 January 21. Dr. Roger Goade to Burghley. States what has been done in the matter of Sturbridge fair. A friendly conference has been held with their opponents, and parties from both sides will wait upon him.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 9. 1576/7 January 22. The Lord Chamberlain and the Earl of Leicester to Sir Mathew Arondell, and others. Concerning the lands of Viscount Howard, of Bindon, assigned by Act of Parliament to Mr. Henry Howard and his wife.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 10. 1576/7 January 22. Petition of the Mayor and Burgesses of Kingston-upon-Hull to the Queen. Praying for some yearly allowance towards their expenses.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 11. 1576/7 January 24. Dr. Goade, Vice Chancellor, to Burghley. States the reasons why the Sturbridge fair business has been so long delayed.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 12. 1576/7 January 25. The Vice Chancellor and Heads of Houses of Cambridge to Burghley. Request his special direction in matters relating to Sturbridge fair, and accrediting Dr. Ithell as their solicitor.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 13. 1576/7 January 25. Thos. Browne to Burghley. Injury done to his mill near Bowbridge by altering the course of the water in the river Lea. Solicits his intervention with the landlord, Mr. Nicholas Sturley, for an abatement of the rent.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 14. 1576/7 January 28. Reasons why the Archbp. of York should not depart from the house called Bishopsthorpe, belonging to that see, which was required for the Lord President of the North.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 15. 1576/7 January 29. The Mayor of Haverfordwest to Sir John Perrot. Had no knowledge of Callice, the pirate, being in their town. Has suffered by pirates himself, and complains of their increase.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 16. 1576/7 January 29. John Davids, Justice of Peace, to same. Excuses himself for not apprehending Callice, the pirate. Cardiff is the general resort of pirates, where they are sheltered and protected.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 17. 1576/7 January 30. Brief of liberties desired by the inhabitants of Sheppey. [Differing slightly from those of the 18th of January.]
  • TNA SP 12/111, 18. 1576/7 January 30. Petition of the inhabitants of the Isle of Sheppey to Burghley. For licence to compound with Thos. Randolphe for the suit and service owing by them to the Queen's manor of Middleton, occupied by him.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 19. 1576/7 January. Note of services due by certain of the inhabitants of Sheppey to the Queen's manor and leet of Middleton, whereof Thomas Randolphe, Esq., is farmer.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 20. 1576/7 January. Duplicate of TNA SP 12/111, 19; with an additional article.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 21. 1576/7 January. Answer of Thomas Randolphe to the petition of the inhabitants of the Isle of Sheppey.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 22. 1576/7 January. Lord Burghley to the Lord President of the North (?) The Queen has nominated Bishop Sandys to be Archbp. of York, and therefore requests his lordship's assistance in obtaining possession of the houses of Bishopsthorpe and Cawood for his use.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 23. 1576/7 January. The case of the College of Worcester. Cases submitted to the consideration of the Doctors of the Ecclesiastical Courts.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 24. 1576/7 January. Note of the spoils made by Dr. Sandys upon the Bishoprick of Worcester and the Cathedral College there, and charges against him as Bp. of London.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 25. 1576/7 January. Copy of TNA SP 12/111, 24.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 26. 1576/7 January. Copy of TNA SP 12/111, 24.
  • TNA SP 12/111, 27 1576/7 January. A view of the chief Readers, double and single, and of the chief barristers, for their practice in the four Inns of Court. [The date of this paper is fixed by the mention of Edw. Flowerdewe, of the Inner Temple, and Tho. Calby, of Gray's Inn, "to be double readers this nexte Lente;" which occurred in Anno 19° Eliz.]

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