Regents Approve Renovations to Moody Dining Hall

November 17, 2009

Moody Towers DiningA new dining concept is cooking at Moody Towers.

Soon, the University of Houston community will experience a new dimension of campus dining thanks to an $11 million renovation of Moody’s dining facilities. The UH System Regents recently approved this major project that will completely transform the dining hall.

In late April 2010 construction will begin on this project, and the revamped facility will begin operations in August. It will connect Moody Towers with the new undergraduate residence hall that also will open in fall.
The new dining facility will display the Fresh Food Company concept that is popular at campus eateries across the nation. This food-service model is focused on meals being prepared in front of customers and being freshly prepared upon request.

“The renovation will upgrade a 39-year-old dining facility into a Tier-One culinary experience for our students, faculty and staff,” said Emily Messa, vice president of University Services. “With the renovation, we will have the largest Fresh Food Company in the nation.”

The facility will contain eight mini-restaurants including a Mongolian grill, vegetarian station, home-style station, an American-style grill, bakery and a salad bar. A brick oven serving pizza and other items will be a centerpiece of the facility.

“Variety is very important for the campus community,” Messa said. “When discussing the Fresh Food Company concept, it was important to plan our menus so that they embrace the many cultures at UH.”

Moody’s dining hall will serve both residents of the towers and the new undergraduate residence hall, which will accommodate 1,000 students.

Moody’s current facility serves on average about 1,500 faculty, staff and students daily. The renovation will expand the dining hall to serve between 2,500 – 2,700.

Recently, Moody debuted a new World Fare station serving different international foods rotating each week. This station, said Messa, is a preview of what to expect from the new facility.

“This station already has proven to be quite popular,” Messa said. “The first week it was open, we offered Indian fare and received a positive review from UH President Renu Khator. Obviously, that’s quite an endorsement, but students have responded very positively too. Food is prepared on the spot and to the customer’s specifications. It’s very much a sign of what’s to come from a facility that will raise the bar for dining services on campus.”

Students will have the opportunity to name this renovated facility. A contest to select the best name will be conducted prior to its opening.

Mike Emery