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Giving Opportunities

The list below represents giving priorities within each college.  There are many other places you can choose to designate your gift. Please write your desired allocation name on the printable response form in the field named "other".      

Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design Gift Codes
Bruce Webb Student Scholarship HC60792RN
Architecture and Design Furniture Fund HC60791RN
Architecture and Design Excellence Fund HC44700RN
College of the Arts Gift Codes
Band Gifts HC34574RA
Blaffer Art Museum     HC41311RN
Center for the Arts Leadership HC58910RN
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts HC44139RN
Moores Excellence Fund HC12309RA
School of Art HC49843RN
School of Theatre and Dance HC38164RN
College of the Arts HC57692RA47
C.T. Bauer College of Business Gift Codes
Bauer Dean's Fund for Academic Priorities HC51128RA
Business Excellence Scholarship Fund HC36137RA24
Bauer Scholarship Endowment HC18178HA39
College of Education Gift Codes
Education Dean's Excellence Fund HC17447RA
COE General Scholarship Fund HC10853RN
COE Alumni Association Scholarship HC52174RN
Cullen College of Engineering Gift Codes
Engineering Dean's Excellence Fund HC12320RA
Engineering Scholarship Support HC16790RN
PROMES Program HC17473RN
Graduate College of Social Work Gift Codes
Graduate College of Social Work Dean's Excellence Fund HC17576RA
GCSW Scholarship Support HC25898RN2
GCSW Faculty Scholarship HC26258RN
The Honors College
The Honors College Excellence Fund HC17020RA
Honors Scholarship Support HC17020RA1
Great Conversations HC46386RN
Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management Gift Codes
HRM Dean's Fund for Academic Excellence HC17606RA
HRM Student Leadership Fund HC46009RN
HRM San Antonio Campus HC17303RN1
UH Law Center Gift Codes
Law Building Fund LBLDG MGRN
Law Student Scholarships and Awards LLAW ECRN52
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Departments Gift Codes
CLASS Scholarship Fund HC36304RA
CLASS Fund for Excellence HC17567RA
CLASS Staff Scholarships HC43135RN
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Departments Gift Codes
NSM Excellence Fund HC45289RN
NSM Scholarship Support HC43153RN
NSM Crossing the Finish Line Scholarship HC56365RN
NSM Student Learning Commons HC54714RN1
College of Nursing  Gift Codes 
Dean’s Office HC58454RN
Blonstrom Nursing Scholarship HC37519HA277
Friends of Nursing HC58532RN
MSN FNP Program HC57901RN
College of Optometry Gift Codes
Optometry Fund for Excellence HC17659RA
Optometry General Scholarship Fund HC52250RN
UHCO Faculty Scholarship Endowment HE37970RN
College of Pharmacy Gift Codes
UHCOP New Building Fund F43-299RN
UHCOP Student Scholarship Fund HC16938RN
Pharmacy Dean's Fund for Excellence HC14054RN
Pharmacy Student Travel Fund HC47608RN
College of Technology Gift Codes
Technology Fund for Academic Excellence HC17577RA
Technology Scholarship Fund HC16814RN
Emerging Technology Growth Fund Endowment HE43773RN
UH Libraries Gift Codes
Libraries Dean’s Fund HC57692RA21
Library Acorn Growth Fund Endowment HE42420RN
Library Fill and Furnish Fund HB35383RN
Libraries Special Collections Fund HC16993RN
Libraries Student Scholarships & Awards HC60148RN
Libraries Enhanced Study Spaces HC60152RN
Libraries Digital Excellence Fund HC48388RN
General Institutional Support - UH Gift Codes
Staff Professional Development HC54402RN
Faculty Senate Enhancement Endowment HE43281RN
General Scholarship Fund HC17009RN
Students of Staff Scholarship Fund HC54401RN
Fund for UH HC36137UA
UH Children's Learning Center HC52310RN
Giant Steps (UH Child Care Center) HC17022RN
Cougar Experience Scholarship HC56366RN
Rodger Peters Staff Scholarship HC33290RN
Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Gift Codes
Cougar Experience Scholarships HC56366RN
UH Cougar Emergency Fund HC55074HA45
Leadership and Civic Engagement HC54426RN
Houston Public Media Gift Codes
Houston Public Media Innovation and Sustainability Fund HC54862RN2
Houston Public Media Community Impact and Engagement Fund HC54862RN3
Houston Public Media News & Information Council HC54862RN4
Houston Public Media Arts & Culture Council HC54862RN5
Houston Public Media Education Council HC54862RN6
UH Athletics Gift Codes
Cougar Pride HC30147RA