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Giving FAQs

What is the purpose of faculty and staff philanthropy?
Faculty and staff giving provides a catalyst for turning individual generosity into a collective energy through participation. University of Houston faculty and staff can celebrate unity and strength in working together to further student success and demonstrate support for Tier One benchmarks. All gifts from UH faculty and staff are celebrated no matter how or when they are made during the fiscal year.

I’m also a graduate, what is the best way for me to give?
If you are also an alumnus of UH, whether you give on a faculty/staff form, the UH website, or through a college appeal, your gift is important! Your gift is counted in our faculty/staff celebration and will also be counted in alumni participation rates.

I already work here, why should I give?
Gifts by faculty and staff speak to their own belief in the value of the work they do here. Support from faculty and staff is important because a strong UH creates positive impact on the state and region.

Annual participation is the key to our success. The number of alumni, employees, and friends supporting us influences corporations and foundations that are considering major grants and gifts. These funders want to join a winning team!

Can I specify where my contribution should go?
Absolutely! Your contribution can be designated to a variety of areas including scholarships, colleges, departments, programs, research, or endowed chairs, as well as many others. Your gift directly benefits the area you choose. Simply note your preference on the gift form.

Can I designate my gift to more than one area?
Yes. Clearly note on the response form or online gift form how much you want to give to each area. Be sure to also note the total amount you want to give.

How much should I give?
Give what makes a positive experience for you. Participation is the major goal. Participation by faculty and staff makes a big impact on our students and faculty and is leveraged when UH is raising funds externally.

Can I make an anonymous gift?
Yes. Simply note your preference on the response form or online gift form.

Can I make a gift jointly with my spouse?
Yes. Indicate on the gift form that your gift is made jointly. You can increase the value of your gift if your spouse works in a company that has a matching gift program.

What are my payment options?
You may give by check, by credit card (on the gift form or online), or by payroll deduction.

I have already made an annual gift this year. Will it be celebrated in the 2010-2011 Faculty and Staff effort?
All gifts made by employees to UH, through alumni or parent appeals, or directly to a program or department count when we calculate faculty and staff participation rates.

What if my spouse works for a matching gift company?
Contributions to UH are matched by many companies that offer a matching gift benefit to employees, spouses, even retirees! You may obtain the matching gift form from your spouse’s human resources department or fill out a matching request form on the company's website. Completed forms should be sent to Marline Denby, Mail Code 5035, for processing.

How do I find out if my spouse’s company matches gifts to higher ed?
Go to

Where do campaign funds go?
All gifts from UH faculty and staff are designated according to the donor’s wishes.

How is this different from the SECC (State Employees’ Combined Campaign)?
Money given through the SECC can be designated to a variety of non-profits and United Way Campaigns. This effort is about specifically supporting programs and students at UH.