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Paul Mann

Professor of Geology, Tectonics, Petroleum Geology
Robert E. Sheriff Endowed Chair
Director, Caribbean Basins, Tectonics and Hydrocarbons Consortium

Department and/or Research Center: EAS Dept, CBTH project

    Research Areas:
  • Basin Framework
  • Basin Analysis
  • Tectonics
  • Structural History
  • Basin Modeling
Funded Research... No information is currently available for this topic.
Room 427 in the SR1 Bldg.
Lab that offers 20 workstations, servers, plotters, and various software for basinal studies.
Regional Structural Study of the Permian Basin, West Texas
  • Description: We are using a compilation of Geologic cross sections, gravity, magnetics, existing seismic data, and well Data.
  • Work Scope: Identify the main stages of basin evolution to use for basin modeling of hydrocarbons.
  • Status: One chapter of a Phd dissertation by Hualing Zhang, in progress.
  • CBTH group collaborates with the Applied Geophysical Laboratory (AGL) consortium of Dr. Robert Stewart