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University faculty are continuously breaking new ground in their research. To learn more about the latest updates on their individual research projects, or to view their most current contact information, please visit their page by clicking on their name below.

Colleges and Departments

Explore the links below for information on faculty doing energy related research in the various departments at the College of Architecture and Design.
Bachman, | Areas of expertise: Energy Use in Buildings, Lighting, Acoustics, LEED Reviews, Systems
Brune, | Areas of expertise: Design process in p rogramming, conceptualization, articulation, and assemblage
Colaco, | Areas of expertise: Building structure, design of tall buildings, hurricane and seismic
Diehl, Tom | | Areas of expertise: Residential architecture
Kacmar, | Areas of expertise: Residential architecture, materials, technology integration
Kwon, | Areas of expertise: Industrial Design, product development strategy
Peters, Patrick | | Areas of expertise: Design/build pedagogy and practice, sustainable design
Qureshi, Ziad | | Areas of expertise: Post-industrial environments, spatial adaptive reuse, history and theory of transnational geographies
Race, Bruce | | Areas of expertise: Urban design and planning, low-carbon cities, community engagement
Rogers, Susan | | Areas of expertise: Community development
Truitt, | Areas of expertise: Environmental design
Feng, Jeff | | Areas of expertise: Product development
Explore the links below for information on faculty doing energy related research in the various departments at the C.T. Bauer College of Business.
Ramchand, Latha | | Dean | Areas of expertise:  Corporate finance, finance and strategy for the energy industry
Crawford, Steven | | Areas of expertise: Oil and gas accounting
Harris, Kathleen | | Areas of expertise: Oil and gas accounting
Johnson, Norman | | Areas of expertise: structured and unstructured data analysis in oil and gas, psychometric analysis focused on validating measures
Smith, Gordon | | Areas of expertise: Operational excellence, global supply chain management, quality performance, lean management
Bellman, Don | | Areas of expertise: Acquisitions, investments
Kumar, Praveen | | Areas of expertise: Industrial organization, corporate financial policies and governance, incentives and strategy design in organizations
Currie, Dan | | Areas of expertise: International business, business ethics, business law and ethics
Explore the links below for information on faculty doing energy related research in the various departments at the College of Education.
Dominey, Wallace | | Areas of expertise: Programs of systemic change in science education
Horn, Catherine | | Areas of expertise: Research use, quantitative methods
Explore the links below for information on faculty doing energy related research in the various departments at the Cullen College of Engineering.
Balakotaiah, Vermuri | | Areas of expertise: Hydrogen fuel cells, development of optimal catalyst designs and operating strategies for lean NOx reduction in coupled LNT-SCR systems, modeling and analysis of catalytic monoliths
Conrad, Jacinta | | Areas of expertise: Flow and transport of complex fluids in confinement, near-surface motility of microorganisms
Donnelly, Vincent | | Areas of expertise: Plasma processing, nanopantography
Economu, Demetre | | Areas of expertise: Plasma science, microelectronic device fabrication, nanotechnology
Fleisher, Micky | Areas of expertise: Investment decision framework, steam-methane reforming hydrogen generation plant
Grabow, Lars | | Areas of expertise:  Computational catalysis and material design, natural gas upgrade, methane activation, biomass conversion, hydrotreating, environmental catalysis, chemical reactions at interfaces
Harold, Mike | | Areas of expertise: Conversion of microalgae to liquid fuels, high-purity hydrogen generation for fuel cells, integrated catalytic filtration devices for diesel exhaust abatement, multiphase selective oxidation of hydrocarbons
Jacobson, Allan | | Areas of expertise: Superconducting, synthesis and properties of transition metal oxide systems with layered or framework structures
Kota, Arun | | Areas of expertise: Hydrogen and fuel cells, development of optimal catalyst designs and operating strategies for lean NOx reduction in coupled LNT-SCR systems
Krishnamoorti, Ramanan | | Areas of expertise: Effect of pressure on the phase behavior on polyolefin blends, polymer crystallinity in bulk and thin films, phase transitions in block copolymer-based-balanced microemulsions, structure and viscoelasticity of macro- and nano-composites, structure and transport in biopolymers
Luss, Dan | | Areas of expertise: Hydrogen and fuel cells, development of optimal catalyst designs and operating strategies for lean NOx reduction in coupled LNT-SCR systems
Nikolaou, Michael | | Areas of expertise: Oil and gas production systems
Palmer, Jeremy | | Areas of expertise: Developing detailed molecular models for condensed matter systems ranging from liquids and glasses to proteins and nano-porous materials
Ren, Yongjie | | Areas of expertise: Hydrogen and fuel cells, development of optimal catalyst designs and operating strategies for lean NOx reduction in coupled LNT-SCR systems
Rimer, Jeff | | Areas of expertise: Crystal engineering through molecular design
Robertson, Megan | | Areas of expertise: Polymers derived from renewable resources
Belarbi, Abdeldjelil | | Areas of expertise: Nuclear energy, upgrade of universal element tester for nuclear energy infrastructure research, smart censors
Glennie, Craig | | Areas of expertise: Remote sensing for rapid response to Gulf oil spills
Han, Kye | | Areas of expertise: Pipe design, fabricated tubular members, offshore applications
Hsu, Thomas | | Areas of expertise: Nuclear energy, infrastructure for nuclear energy
Hu, Yandi | | Areas of expertise: Geologic carbon sequestration
Lee, Hyongki | | Areas of expertise: Spaceborne and airborne geodetic instruments including satellite altimetry, SAR/ inSAR, and GRACE to better understand earth system sciences
Mo, Yi-Lung | | Areas of expertise: Nuclear energy, ultra-high-performance concrete and advanced manufacturing methods for modular construction
Nakshatrala, Kalyana | | Areas of expertise: Nuclear energy, upgrade of universal element tester for nuclear energy infrastructure research, biological and environmental energy
Rifai, Hanadi | | Areas of expertise: Ground water flow and transport modeling, geographical information systems
Rixey, Bill | | Areas of expertise: Physicochemical processes, chemical fate and transport, environmental risk assessment
Rodrigues, Debora | | Areas of expertise: Water quality, sustainability
Shrestha, Ramesh | | Areas of expertise: Laser scanning and digital mapping technology
Vipulanandan, Cumaraswamy | | Areas of expertise: Geoenvironmental engineering
Wang, Keh-Han | | Areas of expertise: Coastal, estuary and lake hydrodynamics, hydraulic engineering
Willam, Kaspar | | Areas of expertise: Nuclear energy, upgrade of universal element tester for nuclear energy infrastructure research
Bao, Jiming | | Areas of expertise: Semiconductor nanowire optoelectronics, silicon photonics and metallic nanostructures for plasmonics, solar water-splitting, fiber optic sensors
Becker, Aaron | | Areas of expertise: Swarm robotics: distributed robotics, human-swarm interaction, medical robotics, and motion planning
Brankovic, Stanko | | Areas of expertise: Electrocatalysis, nanofabrication
Chen, Jinghong | | Areas of expertise: Design of analog, mixed-signal and RF/ mmwave integrated circuits and systems for a variety of applications including high-speed and energy-efficient wireless and wireline communications, energy harvesting, circuits and systems for extreme and harsh environment
Chen, Yuhua | | Areas of expertise: Optical networks; quantum cryptography; FPGA systems; heterogeneous networks; high performance routers; system prototyping
Chen, Jiefu | | Areas of expertise: Subsurface wireless communication, rock physics, well logging
Han, Zhu | | Areas of expertise: Underwater acoustic communication,
Le, Han | | Areas of expertise: Semiconductor optoelectronics, lasers, photonics, multispectral optical sensing and imaging
Lim, Jung-Uk | | Areas of expertise: Generation expansion planning for renewable generation, incentive and mandates design for renewable energy, investment portfolio analysis for renewable generation, industry-university consortium to educate the future power engineering workforce
Long, Stuart | | Areas of expertise: Applied electromagnetics, reduced surface wave microstrip antennas,
Pan, Miao | | Areas of expertise: Underwater communications and networks, renewable energy integration in smart grids, secure and sustainable designs for data centers
Roysam, Badri | | Areas of expertise: Biological image analysis, high-performance computing, subsurface sensing and imaging systems
Ruchhoeft, Paul | | Areas of expertise: Advanced materials, nanolithography
Shih, Wei-Chuan | | Areas of expertise: Environmental sensing
Wolfe, John | | Areas of expertise: Advanced materials, microfabrication
Yao, Yan | | Areas of expertise: Superconducting, high performance, low cost superconducting wires and coils for high power wind generators
Zagozdzon-Wosik, Wanda | | Areas of expertise: Microelectronics: semiconductor integrated circuit processing technology and electron devices, micro- and nonoelectromechnical systems (MEMS/NEMS), and BioMEMS for biological samples at cellular/subcellular levels and nanoparticles
Chung, Christopher | | Areas of expertise: Discrete event simulation; management, operations, and equipment training simulators; engineering management
Feng, May | | Areas of expertise: Quality and reliability engineering, economic optimization in manufacturing, applied probability and statistics
Kamrani, Ali | | Areas of expertise: Systems engineering, factory automation and robotics
Khator, Suresh | | Areas of expertise: Modeling of energy, facilities design
Lim, Gino | | Areas of expertise: Operations research applications in healthcare, power systems, UAVs, and homeland security, optimization, large-scale computational algorithm design
Schulze, Lawrence | | Areas of expertise: Ergonomics and human factors, safety engineering, system design and evaluation and rehabilitation/biomechanics
Ardebili, Haleh | hardebil@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Lithium ion batteries, materials for energy storage, electronics materials
Chen, Yi-Chao | | Areas of expertise: Solid mechanics
Franchek, Matthew | | Areas of expertise: Model based methods in subsea machine diagnostics, prognostics and performance monitoring, multi-phase flow and heat transfer modeling in pipelines, multi-phase fluid pumps, optimization and analysis led design of subsea architectures, fluid power (hydraulic) and hydraulic fracturing modeling, subsea systems integration
Ghasemi, Hadi | | Areas of expertise: Thermodynamics, heat transfer, nanotechnology
Grigoriadis, Karolos | | Areas of expertise: Combustion engines, dynamic systems and controls, filtering
Kondapi, Phaneedra | | Areas of expertise: Flow assurance, simulator systems
Kulkarni, Yashashree | | Areas of expertise: Computational mechanics, materials science
Liu, Dong | | Areas of expertise: Microscale thermal transport phenomena
Masson, Philippe | | Areas of expertise: high performance, low cost superconducting wires and coils for high power wind generators
Mavrokefalos, Anastassios | | Areas of expertise: Micro/nanoscale energy transport, solid state energy conversion
Metcalfe, Ralph | | Areas of expertise: Wind, fluid mechanics
Miyase, Akira | | Areas of expertise: wind
Ryou, Jae-Hyun | | Areas of expertise: high efficiency, inexpensive thin film III-V photovoltaics using single-crystalline-like, flexible substrates
Selvamanickam, Venkat | | Areas of expertise: high performance, low cost superconducting wires and coils for high power wind generators
Sharma, Pradeep | | Areas of expertise: Energy storage
Skogsberg, Lillian | | Areas of expertise: Material selection for deepwater subsea projects in the Gulf of Mexico, materials selection for casing, production tubing, downhole equipment, umbilicals, wellhead, manifolds, jumpers, subsea control modules, high rate gas production erosion modeling, sand detection, design approaches for erosion prevention in subsea production
Song, Gangbing | | Areas of expertise: Smart materials, adaptive control, robotics
Sun, Li | | Areas of expertise: Size effects on thermal, electrical and mechanical properties of materials, nanomagnetics and spin transport in thin films, multilayers, nanowires
Thomas, William | | Areas of expertise: Analysis and control of sheet metal stamping, machine design and subsea riser design
Wang, Su Su | | Areas of expertise:  Deepwater offshore E&P systems; offshore wind energy production systems
Ehlig-Economides, Christine | | Areas of expertise: Production and reservoir engineering in conventional and shale reservoirs
Hathon, Lori | | Areas of expertise: Routine and special core analysis, clastic petrology, reservoir quality analysis, predictive modeling, applications of image analysis to rock physics, organic petrography and thermal maturity analysis
Kostarelos, Konstantinos | | Areas of expertise: Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies, partitioning interwell tracer testing (PITT)
Myers, Mike | mtmyers@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Rock and fluid properties, static and dynamic properties of porous media
Qin, Guan | | Areas of expertise: Petroleum engineering
Leland, Alison | | Areas of expertise: Energy and sustainability
Sirrieh, Rita | resirrie@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Energy and sustainability
Ballentine, Robert | Areas of expertise: Upstream and midstream energy contracts, regulatory practice focused primarily on the natural gas pipeline, telecommunications and electric power industries
Borrego, Theodore |  | Areas of expertise: Oil and gas law, oil and gas exploration and development, both in the domestic area (offshore and on shore) and in foreign areas
Bush, Darren | | Areas of expertise: Antitrust law & economics, regulated and deregulating industries with particular focus on electricity markets
Cardenas, Julian | | Areas of expertise: Transnational petroleum law, diplomacy and geopolitics of oil and gas, transnational investment law and arbitration
Cason, | Areas of expertise: Oil and gas exploration
Dimitroff, Sashe | | Areas of expertise: Commercial litigation and intellectual property, technology disputes, breach of contract & commercial fraud matters, international dispute resolution, oil & gas litigation, environmental disputes, and mass toxic tort
Hester, Tracy | | Areas of expertise: Environmental compliance policies and enforcement, climate change compliance and liability, application of environmental laws to emerging technologies such as nanotechnology and renewable energy
Irvine, Charles | | Areas of expertise: Environmental law
Lake, Kathleen | Areas of expertise: State and federal utility law and energy regulation, energy transactions
May, Henry | Areas of expertise: Regulatory, policy and transactional aspects of the natural gas and electric industries
Wells, Bret | BWells@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: International taxation
Explore the links below for information on faculty doing energy related research in the various departments at the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.


Beckett, Cheryl | |  Areas of expertise: Graphic design
Reed, John | jgreed@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Community organizing that promotes sustainability
McNeal, Keith | | Areas of expertise: Sociocultural anthropology, comparative religion, globalization, African and South Asian diaspora studies
Storey, Rebecca | anth2c@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Bioarchaeology, mesoamerica, paleodemography
Widmer, Randolph | rwidmer@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Mesoamerican archaeology, cultural ecology, sociopolitical complexity, craft specialization
DeGregori, Thomas | trdegreg@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Economic development, science in economic change, African, Asian and Caribbean economic development
Friedman, Willa | | Areas of expertise: Economic development, health, political economy, behavioral economics
Gregory, Paul | | Areas of expertise: Energy economics, Soviet economics, transition economics, comparative economics
Hirs, Ed | | Areas of expertise:  Energy Economics, markets and finance; economics of oil and gas; economics of electricity including primary energy fuels fossil, nuclear, renewables; energy trading; macroeconomic impacts of energy; energy security
Papell, David | | Areas of expertise: International economics, macroeconomics, time series economics
Prodan, Ruxandra | | Areas of expertise: International finance, time series econometrics
Rizvanoghlu, Islam | | Areas of expertise: Macroeconomics, energy economics
Klieman, Kairn | | Areas of expertise: Oil history/energy history, African history, environmental history, African diaporic communities
Melosi, Marty | | Areas of expertise: Environmental history, environmental politics, energy history, environmental racism
Mizelle, Rick | | Areas of expertise: Historical borders and overlap between questions of race, environment, technology, and health in modern America
Rainbow, Daviddrainbow@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Modern Europe and Russia, Russian and Soviet imperial power in Siberia from the mid-19th to the mid-20th century
Wintersteen, Kristin | kawinter@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Industrialization, global impact of industrialization
Northup, Temple | ctnorthu@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Psychological effects of the media, implicit attitudes and memory, attitude change, role of media consumption on nutritional knowledge
El Badawi, Emran | | Areas of expertise: Arab liberalism, development and sustainability, Arab-Middle East studies, oil & religion
Church, Jeffrey | | Areas of expertise: Modern political thought, philosophy, liberal and democratic theory
Granato, Jim | | Areas of expertise: Public policy, political economy, macroeconomic policy, social interactions and social norms
Kennedy, Ryan | | Areas of expertise: Democracy and democratization, computational social science, deliberation, energy and environment, post-communist economics
Murray, Richard | | Areas of expertise: Political parties and elections, political interest groups, urban politics, state and local electoral politics
Scarrow, Susan | | Areas of expertise: European politics, comaparative politics, comparative parties, elections
Francis, David | | Areas of expertise: Multi-level and mixture modeling, psychometrics, developmental disablity, latent variable models
Al Sowayel, Dina | | Areas of expertise: Women and Islam, war in the Middle East, history of Palestine-Israel conflict
Explore the links below for information on faculty doing energy related research in the various departments at the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.
Crawford, Kerri | kmcrawf3@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Plant community ecology, plant-microbe interactions
Fox, George | | Areas of expertise: Molecular evolution, environmetnal monitoring, molecular biology
Pattison, Donna | dpattiso@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Development of biomaterials from drosophila ultrabithorax (Ubx) protein
Pennings, Steven | | Areas of expertise: Plant community ecology and plant-herbivore interactions
Baldelli, Steven | sbaldell@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Advanced materials, surface chemistry, surface electrochemistry, laser spectroscopy
Brgoch, Jakoah | jbrgoch@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise:  Phosphors for solid state lighting, Superhard materials, advanced Materials
Briggs, James | | Areas of expertise: Computer-aided molecular design
Cai, Chengzhi | ccai@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Organic synthesis, organic thin films, surface functionalization and nanochemistry
Do, Loi | lhdo@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Biosynthetic chemistry
Guloy, | Areas of expertise: Syntheses and characterization of crystalline solid materials with novel structures and unique properties, crystalline organic-inorganic hybrid compounds, polar intermetallics and Zintl phases, soluble Zintl anions
Halasyamani, P. Shiv | | Areas of expertise: c rystal growth, nonlinear optics, functional materials, piezoelectricity
Hoffman, David | chemce@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Metal-organic compounds
Lee, Randy | | Areas of expertise: Selectively fluorinated organic thin films, complex organic interfaces with controlled local composition, structure, and function, nanoparticle growth and manipulation, biopolymers and conducting polymers, and polymerization catalyst development
Lubchenko, Vassiliy | vlubchen@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Advanced materials, biophysics, molecular electronics
Miljanic, Ognjen | omiljani@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Supramolecular chemistry
Xu, Shoujun | | Areas of expertise: Developing various magnetic-based techniques for molecular and cellular imaging and magnetic resonance imaging
Gabriel, Edgar | | Areas of expertise: Advanced scientific computing, an exascale programming environment and system software (XPRESS)
Kakadiaris, Ioannis | | Areas of expertise: Biomedical image analysis, computational biomedicine biometrics, computer vision, pattern recognition
Subhlok, Jaspal | | Areas of expertise: Compiler and runtime support for parallel and distributed systems, network based computing, scientific and stream processing applications
Bissada, Adry | | Areas of expertise: Technologies and tools for optimizing appraisal and exploitation of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources including Shale-gas and liquid-rich shale reservoirs, hydrocarbon generation and migration analysis - Factors that control hydrocarbon generation, expulsion, retention, migration, accumulation and preservation of petroleum hydrocarbons, petroleum system studies and basin modeling, Forecasting reservoir-souring associated with IOR and EOR operations, characterization of heavy and extra-heavy oil resources, and forecasting petroleum phase-behavior in upstream and midstream operations
Bjorklund, Tom | | Areas of expertise: Petroleum geology
Castagna, John | | Areas of expertise: Exploration geophysics
Chesnokov, Evgeni | | Areas of expertise: Physical parameters (elastic and transport ( electric,  thermal & permeability)  of micro-inhomogeneous, effectively    anisotropic (porous, fractured, polycrystalline) media under thermodynamic conditions (stress, temperature)
Choi, Yunsoo | | Areas of expertise: Air quality forecasting, regional chemical transport modeling, remoste sensing
Han, De- hua | | Areas of expertise: Rock physics
Khan, Shuhab | | Areas of expertise: Specialty, tectonics, remote sensing, GIS
Li, Aibing | | Areas of expertise: Synthetic waveform modeling, mountain building process, crust and upper mantle structure of the earth, seismic inversion techniques
Maddocks, Rosalie | | Areas of expertise: Paleontology general marine micropaleontology taxonomy of ostracoda
Mann, Paul | | Areas of expertise: Tectonics, petroleum geology, Gulf of Mexico oil exploration, Caribbean oil exploration, Colombian oil exploration, Guyana-Suriname oil exploration, Brazil oil exploration, west Africa oil exploration, Somali basin oil exploration, giant oil and gas fields of the world
Robinson, Alex | acrobins@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Tectonic evolution
Snow, Jonathan | | Areas of expertise: Geology, physics and chemistry of the formation of the Earth's lithosphere, early evolution of oceanic rift systems, partial melting in the mantle and the petrogenesis of mid-ocean ridge basaltic magmas, tectonics of fracture zones, and the petrology and structure of oceanic lower crust and upper mantle exposure
Stewart, Rob | rrstewar@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: 3-D seismic exploration, geophysical data acquisition
Sun, Jiajia | | Areas of expertise: Big data analytics
Sun, | Areas of expertise: Petroleum geochemistry
Talbot, Robert | | Areas of expertise: Air quality, inter-continental transport of air pollutants
VanNieuwenhuise, Don | | Areas of expertise: Stratigraphy, petroleum geology, terrigenous clastic depositional systems and sequence stratigraphy
Wang, Guoquan | | Areas of expertise: Coastal hazards,  Caribbean neotectonics, GPS seismology, geological hazard risk analysis and mitigation
Wellner, Julia | | Areas of expertise: R eservoir analogs, stratigraphic geometries, climate change (specifically ice sheet change), sea-level rise and coastal flooding
Zhou, Hua-Wei | hzhou3@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Exploration geophysics, earthquake seismology, geodynamics, seismic tomography
Kuznetsov, Yuri | | Areas of expertise: Advanced scientific computing, coarsening and homogenzation algorithms for mimetic discretizations of the diffusion equations
Bassler, Kevin | | Areas of expertise: Fundamental principles that govern the dynamics of complex systems, processes of growth, adaptation, self-organization, self-assembly, and evolution
Bellwied, Rene | | Areas of expertise: High energy physics, selected problems in relativistic heavy ion physcis in ALICE at the LHC
Chen, Shuo | schen39@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Advanced materials
Cheung, Margaret | mscheung@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Protein folding theory, protein folding in vivo, protein-protein interaction, solar energy conversion, multiscale simulations and modeling, coarse-grained molecular simulation, soft condensed matter, clean energy
Chu, Paul | | Areas of expertise: Experimental solid state physics: superconductivity, magnetism, and dielectrics
Chu, Wei-Kan | | Areas of expertise: Ion beam characterization, and ion beam modification of materials
Curran, Shay | sacurran@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Nanotechnology, sensor technology, nanotechnology in the fields of sensor technology, thin film coatings and photovoltaics
Gemunu, Gunaratne | | Areas of expertise: Advanced materials, quantitative finance
Hor, Pei | | Areas of expertise: High temperature superconductivity, bio/medical imaging
Lau, Kwong | | Areas of expertise: High energy physics, particle physics
Liu, Fang | | Areas of expertise: High energy physics, selected problems in relativistic heavy ion physcis in ALICE at the LHC
Miller, John | | Areas of expertise: Condensed matter physics, quantum phenomena, electron transport, superconductivity, charge density waves, biophysics, biosensors
Pan, Shuheng | | Areas of expertise: Superconducting
Ratti, Claudia | | Areas of expertise: Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Quantum Chromodynamics on the lattice, Relativistic Heavy Ion physics, Quark-Gluon Plasma, Field theoretical models
Ren, Zhifeng | | Areas of expertise: Solar, deformation and mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes and other nanowires by high resolution transmission electron microscope
Su, Wu-Pei | | Areas of expertise: Superconducting, theory of high-temperature superconductivity
Ting, Chin-Sen | | Areas of expertise: Condensed matter theories related to semiconductors, magnetism, superconductivity, and strongly correlated electron systems
Varghese, Oomman | okvarghe@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Advanced materials, nanostructured materials, excitonic solar cells, solar fuel generation, environmental sensing
Weglein, Art | | Areas of expertise: Hydrocarbons, research and development of new seismic technology that enables the exploration and production of hydrocarbons
Whitehead, Lisa | | Areas of expertise: High energy physics, precision measurement of electron antineutrino disappearance in the Daya Bay Experiment
Explore the links below for more information on faculty doing energy related research in the various departments at the College of Technology.
Gao, Lu | lgao5@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Transportation and economic impact of texas shortline railroads
Senouci, Ahmed | | Areas of expertise: Optimization modeling, for the scheduling of construction projects, innovative asset management for onshore and offshore oil and gas pipelines, asset management models for sustainable water infrastructures
Song, Lingguang | | Areas of expertise: How to better plan construction process prior to actual construction and how to further improve project control practices and labor productivity during the construction stage, simulation, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and information technologies
Alba, Kamran | | Areas of expertise: Experimental, computational & analytical fluid dynamics, complex non-newtonian fluid flows, suspensions, multiphase, displacements & buoyant flows, thin-film flow modelling & stability analysis, coating & co-extrusion flows
Attia, Farouk | | Areas of expertise: Industrial work measurement, quality control technology
Basaran, Burak | | Areas of expertise: Smart materials (shape memory alloys & polymers), composite materials, superalloys, synthesis & development of innovative materials in green energy applications (wind & solar)
Benhaddou, Driss | dbenhadd | Areas of expertise:  Electricity delivery, energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainability, ARRA - smart grid energy training coalition - development of training, energy workforce
Bose, Anima | | Areas of expertise: Vehicle, multi-hybrid power vehicles with cost effective and durable polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell and Li-ion battery
El Nahas, Medhat | melnahas@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Numerical simulation with LES modeling of combined wavy and steady flows past a vertical circular cylinder
Fitzgibbon, Bill | | Areas of expertise: Partial and ordinary differential equations, applied mathematics, mathematical biology
Ganapathy, Sivakumar | | Areas of expertise: Upstream and downstream process of small molecules, bioinformatics and bioenergy
Gurkan, Deniz | | Areas of expertise: Electricity delivery, ARRA - smart grid energy training coalition - development of training, energy workforce
Iyer, Rupa | | Areas of expertise: Environmental biotechnology, bioremediation and biodegradation of xenobiotic compounds, intergradation of interdisciplinary education and research
Malki, Heidar | | Areas of expertise: Neuro-fuzzy controllers, smart grid optimization and control, well log analysis using neural networks, determinations of rock properties using neuro-fuzzy networks
Moges, Mequanint | mmoges@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Design and optimization of wireless sensor networks, performance evaluation and optimization of computer and communication systems
Shireen, Wajiha | | Areas of expertise: Electricity delivery, ARRA - smart grid energy training coalition - development of training, energy workforce
Yuan, Xiaojing | | Areas of expertise: Developing future leaders
Breaux, James William | | Areas of expertise: Futures of energy and environment, public transportation, climate change
Hines, Andrew | | Areas of expertise: Organizational futurist, the role of an organizational futurist in integrating foresight into organizations
Bronk, Chris | | Areas of expertise: IT sector energy consumption, computer security in the energy industry
Burns, Maria | | Areas of expertise: Maritime operations
Cassler, Dan | | Areas of expertise: Supply chain & logistics technology
Conklin, Art | | Areas of expertise: Information security in industrial control systems, systems engineering perspectives of computer security, secure software engineering, information assurance curriculum and instruction
Evans, Jerry | | Areas of expertise: Approaches to stress management
Kovach, Jami | | Areas of expertise: Analyzing data rich environments - planning data collection efforts and statistically analyzing data sets, understanding factors that impact organizational problem solving, identifying how continuous improvement methods affect performance/decision making
Richardson, Gary | | Areas of expertise: Use of earned value in the organization, evaluation of earned schedule metrics as a completion predictor, adapting the critical chain project management model
Zhang, Yunpeng | | Areas of expertise: Cyber security
Christiansen, Jack | jchristi@Central.UH.EDU | Areas of expertise: Petroleum technology