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The CCME will engage in the key major markets of O&G, petrochemicals and electric power in cross-disciplined and collaborative technical and innovation research. Engineering, natural science, computational and data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as systems modeling and optimization will be central to impacting the key areas of impact across all the segments of the key markets such as:

  • Construction, distribution, operations and delivery
  • Consumer end use products and services
  • GHG monitoring and measurement
  • CO2 capture, storage and assurance of safe and permanent storage
  • Utilization of CO2 and CH4 through process intensification end use optimization in chemicals and oil recovery
  • Storage of energy and options for integrating renewable and alternative energy
  • Direct air capture and innovative emissions reduction technologies
  • Modularization of process and electricity generation of energy to utilize hydrocarbons for products and reduce emissions