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Carbon Management will impact all of the energy value chain and transform the fundamental economics and currencies that will recognize product and service values. Differentiated products and low carbon services and technologies will be introduced in global markets that will have regional differences. Impacts will range from fuels and process technologies, supply and distribution economics, and market structures that will be designed to value the low carbon offerings. All aspects of the energy system will be impacted from suppliers and producers, to marketers and traders, and finally in the consumer world both industrial, commercial and retail. The low carbon economy will develop and the business, legal and policy structure will transform to meet the new needs.


  • Fuel Choices AND Supply Economics
  • Technology (existing and innovations)
  • Market Structures: export-import, market regulations, impacts to industry or consumers


  • To meet requirements
  • To create competitive advantage
  • Fuels, chemicals, or electric power consumer or trade offerings
  • CO2removal from the atmosphere innovations (Direct Air Capture for CO2and CH4emissions capture)