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UH Alumna gains multidimensional experience at leading O&G company

08/16/2017 | By Claire Andersen

UH alumna Sarah Murphy has created a career worth noticing in just the three short years since she graduated. Murphy is part of Shell’s Graduate Program, a three-year rotational program created to enhance the careers of young professionals. During her time at Shell, Murphy was given opportunities to work in and become familiar with various parts of the business.  

Murphy’s first rotation threw her right into the action of the trade floor, working as an analyst and ethanol scheduler in the trade and supply sector. In the 20 months that she spent in that position, Murphy gained invaluable experience and knowledge of the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of the trade floor.   

“Trading and supply was great experience. I learned a ton, but it’s a very difficult position to be in when you’re just starting out,” she said. “The business is moving at such a break-neck speed – a lot of trial by fire learning.”  

Her next rotation brought her to Shell’s chemicals sector as a customer center analyst. While less crowded and noisy than the trade floor, her responsibilities were just as substantial.  Murphy worked as a customer center analyst, charged with ensuring that all components were available and in place for customers.  

“It’s very interesting because it means you’re actually in the business,” said Murphy. “I worked with a lot of third parties which is a lot of fun because this is their profession and they are much more experienced. I found myself asking a lot of questions, but they’re always so willing to help.”  

Murphy graduated from UH in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management. During her time as a student in the Bauer College of Business, Murphy was involved in various student organizations including the Energy Association, where she was president. She credits these experiences as well as her relationship with mentors to her ability to succeed in such a competitive field.  

“You have to show that you’re something special and that you can take on more and set yourself apart from the crowd. Bauer did a really good job at laying a foundation for that,” she said.  

As she nears the end of her time in the Graduate Program, Murphy has begun exploring career possibilities at Shell. She explains that there are a variety of opportunities that she hopes to be part of after her program finishes in March 2018.   

“Pie in the sky would probably be to work in our New Energies Business. We have a really big R&D group that does research into biofuels and renewables and things like that. So trying to make that successful for Shell would be really cool.”