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New UH certificate program enlightens students on the ins and outs of electrical systems

08/16/2017 | By Claire Andersen

This fall, the Cullen College of Engineering will offer new courses in Power and Energy Systems, a certificate program created by Kaushik Rajashekara, a professor of electrical and computer engineering. The program will feature courses that train students to understand both the technical and business aspects of electrical systems.

Targeted for professionals who are seeking a deeper understanding of the design and operation of electric systems, most of the courses will be offered in the evening or online. Like many energy-related programs, students will learn skills applicable to a wide variety of industries.  

“The students can go into any industry. It can be the oil industry or paper mills, electric transportation, anything,” said Rajashekara. “These are high-level courses that train them to go anywhere.” 

Rajashekara and other faculty will be teaching courses on a wide variety of topics, from power electronics to renewable energy technology. All of the courses will be taught by UH faculty and industry experts with extensive experience in electrical and energy industries. Rajashekara himself joined the UH faculty last September after working in power electronics and electrical engineering for over twenty years. For Rajashekara, who has experience in both the corporate and academic worlds, Houston is the perfect place for this program.  

“Houston has more power in the energy industry, and there are so many people working in the energy industry here,” he said.

 Rajashekara previously worked at Dephi/General Motors, Rolls Royce and other university systems, giving him a unique perspective on the diverse application of electric systems. This expertise is exactly what he is prepared to pass along to his students. 

 “(The students) learn more about the design and operation of the systems so that they can be directly beneficial to the industry needs immediately,” he said. “Once they go back they should be able to apply their knowledge right away.”