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Bill Maddock, Director of Subsea Systems Institute

Energy Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Tanner Moran

By Valeria Dominguez


Tanner Moran has been appointed as a new member of the UH Energy Advisory Board.

Moran, the managing director at Hastings Equity Partners, brings 10 years of experience leading business development efforts to the EAB. Moran’s work at his firm consist of searching for the energy industry’s next entrepreneur. Hastings, based in Houston, invests in small to mid-sized businesses in the energy sector.

“The way that I learned about the energy industry in the last 10 years is by building a relationship with experts of the industry, and the Energy Advisory Board is composed of people that more than meet those requirements,” Moran said.

He is excited to bring the Hastings perspective to the EAB. With his past experience with service companies in the smaller business segment, he said he can provide a different view on the industry. Hastings is focused on both the upstream and downstream sectors, primarily in the Permian Basin.  

Moran said what separates Hastings from other private equity firms is its focus on small business; investing in smaller companies means understanding a far different set of challenges than those of larger companies. He said Hastings sees itself as a partner with the founders of small companies, working shoulder-to-shoulder as the company grows.

“I like looking at a situation and a company to compare strengths and weaknesses. The ability to come in and work with entrepreneurs is a really fun way to be an investor,” said Moran.

As managing director of an energy investment company, part of Moran’s work also involves keeping up with constant innovation.

“I am constantly impressed with the pace at which innovation from a technology standpoint is changing the industry. Quite frankly, that evolution and revolution is what creates an opportunity, because things change so quickly,” he said.

The EAB engages industry experts and leaders to advance energy education and research on campus and throughout the city. Members are appointed by UH President Renu Khator.

“We are constantly challenged by the inability to hire good people, so the industry, regardless of the technology you may have, is a people-centered business. UH is a tremendous resource for us to find smart and motivated individuals,” said Moran.