UH researchers asked to provide second opinion to Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem By Janet Miranda

Image of Braskem

University of Houston researchers are completing a project for Braskem, a major Brazilian petrochemical company, evaluating geophysical data to determine the cause of seismic activity in the coastal city of Maceió, in northeastern Brazil.

The researchers – a team of 10 – based their analysis on a report from the Geological Survey of Brazil, which operates under the country’s Energy and Mines Ministry.

Braskem reached out to the University for a second opinion.

José Roberto Brandt, executive officer at Geoprojetos and a technical assistant at Braskem, explained in a company release that the UH team was chosen because the University is in the heart of the oil industry. “The technologies available in the state, particularly in Houston, where most of the oil companies are headquartered, allow the city to be a center of excellence in research in the field, and they are cored at the University of Houston,” he said.

The UH report is intended to help Braskem interpret the data, define remaining risks and provide mitigation. It didn’t find a simple answer: Alan Rossiter, executive director of external relations & education program development at UH Energy, is serving as program manager for the project.

Like Brant, he praised the abilities of the team.

“I’ve been very impressed with the range of capabilities and the depth of knowledge of our team,” he said.