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Industry Professionals

Energy Advisory Board

The Energy Advisory Board engages industry experts and leaders to advance energy education and research. Energy is one of the key initiatives of the University of Houston, together with the arts and health.

Energy Fellows Blog

Selected from nine colleges across campus, the fellows work in collaboration with UH Energy and the Energy Advisory Board to shape the conversation on energy at UH and beyond. The fellows serve a term of one full academic year and contribute to an online blog forum hosted by UH Energy and Forbes. 

Energy Research

From developing nanofluids to improve tertiary oil recovery to improving seismic techniques to better target drilling, the University of Houston is leading research initiatives and projects- all to collaboratively solve specific problems and develop big-picture solutions for the energy future.

Future Workforce

UH Energy works with talented up and coming students who serve as rising powerhouse leaders in energy. The Energy Ambassadors Program selects students majoring or minoring in an energy-related field to be the student faces of energy on campus. They work with UH Energy to plan, promote and organize events around campus. The Energy Coalition is a student organization bringing university organizations together in a single cohesive partnership to further enhance the impact of each organization and the effectiveness they have on their members.