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Strategic Foresight

Strategic Foresight Certificate Program

Advisor:  Dr. Andy Hines


The Certificate in Strategic Foresight, offered by the Foresight Program in the Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences, is an interdisciplinary certificate that provides professional development for those interested in scanning, trend analysis, forecasting, and planning.  The unique curriculum emphasizes foresight, creativity and innovation.  It applies theoretical and practical models for understanding change in order to map plausible future scenarios and develop plans to prepare for them.

The 12-Hour Certificate courses include

FORE 6311 - Introduction to Foresight Credit Hours: 3.0

FORE 6333 - Systems Thinking Credit Hours: 3.0

FORE 6351 - Futures Research Credit Hours: 3.0

FORE 6371 - World Futures Credit Hours: 3.0

(Advanced Strategies or Social Change may be substituted in.)

For more information, visit Strategic Foresight in the UH graduate catalog.