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Upstream Energy Safety Certificate


Photo courtesy of E. Kurt Albaugh

Graduate Certificate In Upstream Energy Safety

The Graduate Certificate Program in Upstream Energy Safety is a multi-disciplinary program focused on health, safety and environment (HSE) in the upstream sector. It is administered through the University of Houston Graduate School and taught by industry experts and faculty with extensive industry experience.

A product of the University’s Energy Initiative, the program was developed by a select team of University of Houston faculty and energy industry representatives, and is designed to fill gaps in industry training, serve government regulators, and provide widespread application for industry professionals.

The goal of the Graduate Certificate Program in Upstream Energy Safety is to help companies build the right HSE culture and attitudes, broaden petroleum industry training, and deepen understanding of industry HSE standards and government regulations by providing a vital foundation for career enhancement to energy industry professionals.

Safety culture and attitudes are a critical element of global upstream activities. Managing valuable assets requires specialized expertise in health, safety and environmental management. Completion of the four sequential courses will ensure students go from zero-base knowledge to industry fundamentals and provide valuable practical experience in the area of Health, Safety and Environment.