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Interdisciplinary Programs

Energy & Sustainability Minor

The Energy and Sustainability minor is designed to provide  an interdisciplinary approach to broad issues in energy and sustainability. The minor will educate students on the basics of energy sources, fossil fuels, and the future of energy. In addition to a common introductory and capstone course, the minor offers a blend of courses in technology, business, engineering, architecture, social science, and natural science.

Coursework will focus on topics such as existing, transitional, and alternative energy sources, as well as energy and sustainability from the perspectives of economics and business, engineering and technology, architecture and design, and public policy and education.

The Graduate Certificate in Global Energy, Development, and Sustainability

The Global Energy, Development, and Sustainability (GEDS) graduate certificate offers students a unique, multi-disciplinary curriculum focused on the petroleum industry and society. Our classes are designed and taught by UH faculty and energy experts from Houston and beyond in an environment of academic rigor and diverse real life international industry and civil society experience.

The GEDS certificate requires 9 course units (126 coursework hours in class and online) from GEDS course offerings, which include critical theory, practice, and skill sets in global oil and gas history, economics, environmental impacts and policy, legal frameworks, community engagement, social justice, corporate social responsibility, human resource management, and risk analysis.