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Student Spotlight - Mulungi Deborah Nabaloga

Ms. Mulungi Deborah Nabaloga

Ms. Mulungi Deborah Nabaloga is a perfect example of the dedicated and hard-working students GEDS attracts through its focus on global energy, development, and sustainability. Ms. Nabaloga came to the US from Uganda to earn a college degree, and she has not stopped striving, or succeeding, since the day she arrived. She earned an AA in Mathematics from San Jacinto College in 2015, a BS in Environmental Science from UH in 2018, and is currently enrolled in the MPP/GEDS (Master in Public Policy/minor in Global Energy, Development, and Sustainability) program offered in the Hobby School of Public Affairs .

Deborah’s passion for the environment developed as a child. Her country is known as “The Pearl of Africa” due to its profusion of flora and fauna, fertile lands, and endless stretches of evergreen forest. When she was eleven years old, she took the bold step of writing a letter to local authorities in protest of a plan to reclaim a swamp that she passed by on her car-ride to school. Although the project carried on, this was the critical first step of a life-long career goal: to develop sustainable policies that allow future generations to appreciate and benefit from their natural surroundings as much as she did.

To that end Deborah takes advantage of every opportunity she can in order to add to her skills. Her plans for Summer 2019 are a case in point. She is enrolled in an MPP summer course and will continue to work at her job as Research Technician at NSF-sponsored Rice University project to map climate vulnerability in post-Harvey Houston. As part of a faculty/student research team headed by Drs. Dominique Boyer and Mark Vardy, Deborah has been collecting environmental datasets, analyzing policy effectiveness, and participating in presentations made to Harris County officials for flood mitigation and climate change resilience.

In addition to this already-demanding schedule, Deborah will complete two local internships before the summer is over! The first is with the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), where she is working as a Clean Energy Intern. Amongst other projects, she is participating in the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) - a project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The second internship is with the City of Houston’s Office of Sustainability, where in her role as a Sustainability Intern, she will work on the city’s Climate Action Plan and help to compile a report for the Carbon Disclosure Project , a voluntary climate-change reporting platform for city governments.

Deborah plans to work in the Unites States at the start of her career and eventually move into international policy-making. We are proud to have you with us, Ms. Nabaloga, and look forward to seeing your impact on sustainability efforts around the globe!