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Chantal Carriere is one amazing student!


Not only did Chantal Carriere graduate Spring 2019 from the highly demanding International Energy Lawyers Program (a partnership between UH Law Center/University of Calgary Law School that allows students to earn American and Canadian law degrees in four years), but she also earned a GEDS Certificate along the way! She has been one of our most engaged, interactive, and hard-working students yet, and we are so happy for all her successes!

Ms. Carriere’s interest in international energy and the environment stems from her childhood. She grew up in Cold Lake, Alberta , an oil/military town where, as she explained, “local budgets and politics were deeply connected with the fortunes of the oil industry.” One defining moment for her was community protests about a planned oil and gas development under a nearby recreational lake, despite the fact many of the concerned citizens worked in the oil industry. At risk was the community vacation spot, where families spent holidays in cabins passed down through the generations.

Because of these experiences, Ms. Carriere developed “an intimate understanding of challenges that communities dependent on extractive industries face.” Hoping to eventually address such issues in her career, she appreciates the knowledge and skills she gained in GEDS courses. Among those she considered most valuable: training in sustainable legal frameworks, which she considers one of the most pressing challenges about which young lawyers must be cognizant; information on the organization and decision-making structures of oil service companies; the importance of situating current issues in their historical context; as well as approaching problems from multiple perspectives. She also reports that she gained important basic skills in negotiations, project planning, and project assessment.

Over summer 2019 Ms. Carriere will remain in Houston to study for the Texas bar exam. We will keep up with her to hear how her career progresses, and let you know all the way she ends up changing the world.

Good Luck Chantal - and thank you for working with us at GEDS!