Staff Profiles

Dr. Raven Jones


As Director of the Urban Experience Program, Dr. Raven Jones enhances the quality of education for UH students within the UEP program. As an avid researcher, program developer, and trainer, Dr. Jones’s research concentrates on the cultural resources within urban communities that can be utilized to improve the resiliency and psychological development of underrepresented students. Through the program, Dr. Jones prevents minor obstacles from becoming major setbacks to degree achievement.

Shana Worley

Office Coordinator

As the Office Coordinator, Shana Worley is responsible for keeping the office running behind the scenes by handling all of the financial needs, hiring/training of personnel, management, and meeting the program as well as the program director needs. Shana has a combination of different degree attainments and 6 years of professional experience that include areas of human resources, management, and various administrative roles which has given her the experience and skill set needed to be a great addition to the UEP team.