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University Commission on Women

Now Accepting Applications for the Women and Gender Resource Center Awards!  Formerly called the UCW Awards, these five awards each include a $1000 (pre-tax) prize and recognition at various university events.  The deadline for applications is March 5, 2015 at 5pm. The awards (with links to the application form with full details) are:
* The Distinguished Faculty Scholar Awards (3 total, one in each category: pre-tenure, post-tenure and clinical/instructional faculty member).  The pre-tenure and post-tenure awards recognize faculty members who have amassed  a solid record of scholarly activity that is making an impact in their respective discipline.  The clinical/instructional award recognizes contributions to teaching, research and service, including service to women.
* The Distinguished Service to Women Award for Staff and the Distinguished Service to Women Award for a Student are given in recognition of commitments and contributions in the advancement and support of women.

The University Commission on Women (UCW) is a presidentially-appointed commission comprised of faculty, staff and students that works to address the issues and concerns of women on the University of Houston campus and to promote gender inclusion and equity throughout the University of Houston community.  The UCW had its origins in 1999, when then-president Arthur K. Smith appointed the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women.  After 15 years, the UCW is reorganizing to better serve female students, faculty and staff at the University. Come back later to see details of this reorganization. Contact Professor Aimee Chin, the most recent UCW Faculty Co-Chair, for additional information ( 

The UCW’s mission:

Identify the concerns of women at the University;

Promote gender equality throughout all areas of the University community;

Recommend to the appropriate administrative offices ways to address the concerns of women at the University;

Communicate and collaborate with other committees and organizations to provide support, advocacy, and information regarding women's issues;

Raise awareness regarding behaviors, actions, issues, policies, and procedures that affect the status of women.

The UCW’s initiatives fell into four broad areas (with a few examples of our accomplishments):


  • Status of Women at the University of Houston: Students, Staff, and Faculty reports (2012, 2007)

Training and Education

  • New faculty brownbag workshops, created in 2011, and now done by Provost’s office
  • Mentoring program pilot study in 2009
  • Full professor women’s panel
  • Provide financial support to help Office of Equal Opportunity Services make the sexual assault awareness and prevention video

Awards and Recognition

  • Distinguished Scholar awards for senior faculty, junior faculty and clinical faculty
  • Scholarship awards to staff
  • Difference-Maker awards for individuals who support or contribute to women’s advancement

 Policy Development and Recommendations

  • Helped write and implement the Workplace Lactation/Breastfeeding Policy
  • Advised the Faculty Senate on revisions to the Teaching Relief Policy
  • Advised on the policy granting extension of the tenure clock for primary care providers upon the birth/adoption of children

Exciting developments for women at UH, including