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A Highly Regarded Higher Education Organization Appoints Staff Member to Commission

July 14, 2016–Mike Pede, University of Houston associate vice president of alumni relations and UH Alumni Association, was selected to serve on the Council for Advancement and Support for Education (CASE) Commission on Alumni Relations.

“I’m honored to be asked by CASE to serve on this prestigious commission,” Pede said. “I look forward to working with my colleagues around the country on issues facing alumni relations and higher education in general. It's a true honor to be included in this group.”

The commission on alumni relations is made up of 17 advancement professionals from all types of CASE member institutions. This commission seeks to frame and direct research related to alumni relations programs and activities, and evaluate practices and establish professional standards for the profession.

Additionally, the alumni relations commission also provides advice and counsel to CASE leadership to ensure that the organization's programs, products and services reflect current knowledge and emerging trends. Pede, who graduated from UH in 1989, is one of 17 advancement professions chosen by CASE board of trustees to fill the vacancies on three commissions.

“The wise counsel of the commissions regularly informs the work of the CASE staff and the board of trustees,” Sue Cunningham, CASE president noted. “The commissions also play a direct and active role in major initiatives designed to enhance service to members.

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