Historical Background


Combined Presentation Overview
A brief overview of the full project, including illustrations, designed to give a birds-eye view of the info contained within.

The UC Transformation Project – Complete History
Full history of the UC Transformation, assembled from SFAC reports plus added content.

Table of Contents

SFAC Reports

Historical reports to the Student Fee Advisory Committee regarding the progress of the project. Contains incremental historical information.


Historical Models

Floor plans and budget information (where applicable) for the major floor plans for the UC.

Current Model
The newest floor plans. (both current approved plans as well as the ones pending approval for revisions)

Early WHR Plans
Progress drawings from 2011 showing initial design.

North Addition Model
Revised after facility condition report in late 2010; was plan until WHR/WTW were brought on board to do professional design.

East Addition Dining Model
Rejected due to footprint size given ability to build over north addition.

East Addition Health Center Model
Rejected due to concerns about infrastructure cost.

Bookstore Model
The version we used in late 2009/early 2010.  Rejected due to lack of financial support from bookstore.

Referendum Model
The model used during the 2008 referendum.

Master Plan Report

The full text of the 2008 Master Plan Report related to the University Center Transformation Project.

Site Visit Pictures

Pictures from each of the six site visits we made (IUPUI, SDSU, UCSD, TTU, USF and LSU). This folder also contains roll-up information on the first four site visits.

Survey Results

Information on the two surveys conducted re: the UC Transformation Project pre-referendum. Results of the April 2008 assessment are also included in the full text of the 2008 Master Plan Report.

April 2008
October 2008