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Students must submit an application to be reviewed for a contract with the College of Technology. A contract is an agreement between undeclared majors and the College of Technology which allows the undeclared student to take classes toward a technology major for one semester in order to raise their UH gpa to 2.0. If a contract student's cumulative UH GPA is 2.0 at the close of the contract semester then they may officially declare the technology major identified on the contract. If the student does not attain the GPA required to declare the major by the close of the semester then they will be referred to the Undergraduate Scholars division to select a different major.

Contracts are not written for prospective majors in Computer Information Systems.

Deadlines for submitting an application for a contract:

Summer semester - May
Fall semester - July 1
Spring semester - November 1

Students may turn in the contract application to the Office of Student Affairs in 108 T1.