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HDCS 4393/4394 Internship Course Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take the internship course?
This course is designed to be taken in the last semester of your senior year, immediately prior to your graduation.

Will an internship be assigned to me for this course?
No, you are required to find your own internship and receive approval prior to the beginning of the semester of enrollment. The internship faculty will provide you with a list of potential employers about 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the semester; however, it is your responsibility to secure a position. Students who have not obtained an internship by the 12th day of classes will be dropped from the course.

Can I work in a position with a company that does not have a formal internship?
You may take a position with a retail company and use it for your internship experience if the company does not have a formal internship program available.

Can I continue to do my internship with a company I am working with now?
Yes, if the company provides a retail experience and if your supervisor agrees to increase your responsibilities at the company. These additional responsibilities should be outlined and forwarded to Dr. Ezell at sdezell@central.uh.edu for approval.

Can I start a summer internship with a company and continue working for that company in the fall and enroll in the internship course?
Yes, with prior approval from the internship faculty member.

Can I get internship credit for an internship that I worked prior to being enrolled in the formal required course?
No, you must be currently working in an internship position while enrolled in HDCS 4393. You will be unable to complete the assignments without a current internship.

What is the expected course load that I should take during the capstone internship experience?
The course load should be reduced so that your concentrated effort should be placed on your internship and getting a positive recommendation from your internship supervisor. A reduced course load of 1-2 additional courses and the internship is appropriate and will give you the time to dedicate to your assignments and preparation to land that special executive position after graduation!

Is the internship course offered in the summer?
No, the internship is only offered during the fall and spring semesters. Plan your course schedule accordingly.

May I take the internship course as a distance student?
Yes, you may take the course as a distance student as long as you receive approval from the internship faculty member prior to the start of the semester of enrollment. Distance students typically intern outside of Houston since their location does not permit taking the face to face hybrid course.

How do I "attend" class as a distance student?
As a distance student, you are required to watch the course recordings and submit a 1-2 page response paper for each recording. All other assignments are due as shown in the syllabus. For your final presentation, you may attend class or submit a video recording of your oral presentation.

Should I enroll in HDCS 4394 as well?
HDCS 4394 is offered as an option for students who are working full-time (38 hours or more per week) to receive additional course credit for their work experiences. Please talk to your academic advisor and see if this is an appropriate option for you.

What are the additional requirements for HDCS 4394?
There are no additional assignments for HDCS 4394. The only added requirements are that you work at least 38 hours per week at your internship. The course is designed to give an elective option to students who are working more hours and may have increased responsibilities in their position. Please talk to your academic advisor and see if this is an appropriate option for you.

What if I have an opportunity to change positions or go to another location in the middle of my internship?
After discussion with Dr. Ezell, you will be advised to complete all of the assignments at that time with the first location/position, get an advanced supervisor evaluation before you leave, and recognize time limitations in completing all of the assignments. Be realistic about deadlines, changes that may happen with new assignments and time that may be lost in changing into new assignments so that your grades do not suffer. This type of change needs very serious consideration and planning.

What should I do if I have to miss a class?
You should notify the faculty member as well as the graduate assistant and explain your circumstances.

What if I have a medical emergency, have been hospitalized, or have a family emergency?
Contact the internship faculty member as soon as possible. The university does have a procedure to follow with documentation required to receive a medical withdrawal from all courses, if this emergency should happen. This eliminates failure in classes and is strongly advised as a procedure to follow to protect your GPA and cover your unexpected emergency.

Can I return to the HDCS department and attend the Movers and Shakers event after I have graduated if I would like to explore new retail opportunities?
Yes, we are happy to have alumni return and participate in our professional programs. Simply contact Dr. Ezell or the department to secure dates, procedures, and signup requirements.

What is the accelerated program that undergraduates can participate in during their senior year?
If you have at least a 3.20 in your College of Technology coursework and a 3.0 in your overall GPA, you may apply to take 6 hours of coursework from the Global Retailing program. After receiving approval for the program and completing the courses, you may apply this coursework to a future graduate degree in the Global Retailing program. Please see the Application for the RCS/GR Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's Degree Program for more information.