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Bachelor of Science in Retailing and Consumer Science


Retailing and Consumer Science (RCS) at the University of Houston is a unique, on-campus/online undergraduate program for those seeking to understand consumers and retailing. It focuses on consumer-oriented business practices in the fields of retailing, technology entrepreneurship, e-tailing, sales, customer service, and public relations. Consumer orientation is key in meeting customer demand that drives business success.

The RCS curriculum is designed to develop professionals who can integrate knowledge of consumers and merchandising processes and apply that knowledge to technology-based, consumer practices in merchandising, technology entrepreneurship, retailing/e-tailing, sales/customer service, and training and development.

The program offers specializations in Retailing and Consumer Science, Technology Entrepreneurship, e-Tailing, Training and Development and Professional Studies. The professional studies option is designed for students who have completed an associate’s degree or an extensive content block and wish to build upon this content to complete their bachelor’s degree. The program builds on prior academic experience, providing additional knowledge in merchandising, consumer science, sales, and training and development.

Distinctive features of the RCS program include:

  • RCS prepares students with consumer-oriented and merchandising skills attractive to prospective employers.
    • Demand for graduates in RCS far exceeds supply
    • RCS has an outstanding record in placing graduates in professional careers
    • An RCS degree provides a competitive advantage for mid-career professionals looking to advance
  • eRCS offers a convenient online curriculum, as well as face-to-face instruction.
    • A complete online program with several options
    • A high-tech and high-touch online experience can be linked to and blended with physical campus classes
    • Curriculum integrates knowledge of consumers & merchandising processes that apply to a wide range challenges facing prospective employers
  • RCS actively works with the local business community to keep abreast of best practices and opportunities for internships, jobs and executive positions.
    • Faculty meets regularly with external RCS Advisory Board
    • The program hosts community events such as STAR Awards, Movers & Shakers and professional interviewing workshops.
    • Faculty appears regularly in local print and television media

Retail and Consumer Science Fast Facts

  • Internship/employment placement = 100%
  • Major courses offered both online and face-to-face = 100%
  • Accredited: American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Number of RCS majors = 246*
  • Faculty/student ratio = 1:25*
  • Retention rate = 100%**
  • Graduation rate 6 years = 62.1%***
  • Graduates in 2020 = 55

* Headcount fall 2020
** 2018 FTIC
*** 2014-2020 cohort (includes only students entering in 2014 as freshmen)

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