Global Retailing Student Wins Honorable Award at IEEE – ICDH Conference

During the 2021 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Conference on Digital Health (ICDH), University of Houston Global Retailing student, Loren Gordon, received an award for her research topic “A Health Equity Partnership.” 

The IEEE ICDH is a prime international forum for both researchers and industry practitioners to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice of digital health technologies, emerging research topics, and the future of digital health. ICDH aims to bring together leading researchers, community leaders and visionaries from academia and industry, end-users, and healthcare professionals, in the area of digital health to share their research, practical experience, and visions of the future of sustainable health and social care transformations. (Source:

As the basis for her in-process master’s thesis, Gordon’s was one of 27 student submissions accepted to compete for three placed grants and three awards given. Along with her friend and colleague, Jores Jeufack Nounamo (aka Roger) from the University of Dschang in Cameroon, Africa, Loren placed 4th and was given an Honorable Award.

“I learned so much at the conference,” says Gordon. “The papers that researchers presented were amazing. The technology and creative abilities of the world’s brightest scientists dazzled my mind!” 

Loren credits much of her success in the competition to the guidance that she received from Dr. Olivia Johnson, assistant professor of retailing and consumer science at the University of Houston, and Dr. Moshe Vardi, professor in computational engineering at Rice University, who has experience presenting at IEEE conferences and has won numerous awards.   

“I was happy to be invited to be there and surprised when I placed in the final competition for students from around the world,” notes Gordon. “Of course, I would have loved to receive a monetary grant. However, I realize that the other students prepared for this competition for an entire semester. I did this in a week!”

With plans to be invited to attend the 2022 ICDH conference, Gordon will present her completed thesis.

Gordon and Nounamo’s 2021 IEEE- ICDH research proposal can be found at: