UH College of Technology #1 in Degrees Awarded

The American Society of Engineering Education’s (ASEE) recently updated report “Engineering and Engineering Technology By the Numbers” lists the UH College of Technology as first in multiple rankings. The data was collected in 2019, although the report was not released until fall of 2020, and then updated in 2021.

UH College of Technology ranked #1 in total number of technology degrees awarded, with 1,082 degrees awarded to graduates in 2019.

Additionally, the college came first in rankings of total number of technology degrees awarded to underrepresented minority students. According to the report, UH College of Technology awarded 478 degrees to students considered underrepresented in the engineering technology, representing 44.2% of all technology degrees awarded by the college in 2019.

UH College of Technology also has the distinction of having awarded highest total number of technology degrees to female students, having awarded 384 degrees to female students.

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) was founded in 1893 as a global society of individual, institutional, and corporate members dedicated to excellent and broadly accessible education empowering students and engineering professionals to create a better world.