Elizabeth Rodwell to Workshop Book with Leading Experts

Elizabeth Rodwell’s book manuscript was selected as the most promising in the field of Science and Technology Studies by the Ann Johnson Institute for Science, Technology & Society. Based at the University of South Carolina, the Ann Johnson Institute conducts one-day workshops for first-time authors with the goal of developing more rigorous manuscripts for research in science, technology, and society.

Entitled Push the Button, Dr. Rodwell’s book considers the rise of public doubt and disinterest in Japanese television and journalism after the Fukushima disaster in 2011 and the broadcast industry’s reaction to an expected collapse of the traditional industry due to declining trust and modern media options, such as social media. Based on fieldwork among broadcast and print journalists, Rodwell investigates the reaction to the perceived obsolescence of the field and how professionals are finding creative ways to adapt to technological change.

The institute will be flying her to South Carolina in 2022 with 2-3 senior scholars of her choice to workshop her book together before publication. The senior scholars who have already agreed to participate represent world-renowned experts in interactivity, alternative journalism, and mass media. Two will be traveling internationally to attend. More information about the Ann Johnson Institute can be found at  https://sc.edu/study/colleges_schools/artsandsciences/centers_and_institutes/aji/index.php.