Dr. Lei Fan Selected for NSF Grant Award for Power System Flexibility Research

Dr. Lei Fan’s research aims to develop a comprehensive and integrated framework for power system flexibility including metric assessment, mathematical modeling, and solution algorithms.

Dr. Fan, assistant professor of engineering technology, has been selected as a recipient of an NSF Grant Award as part of a collaborative project entitled Power System Flexibility: Metric, Assessment, and Algorithm. The grant provides $400,695 for the collaborative project, of which $154,573 has been awarded to Dr. Fan as PI of UH subaward.

Due to the complexity of a power system and the high dimensional random variable space of net loads, the description of the operational region of the system becomes a very challenging task. This project will design advanced optimization algorithms with machine learning techniques to solve the large-scale flexibility evaluation problems in different applications in power system operations and planning.

Dr. Fan says his project will provide valuable solutions to these problems. “The benefits of a more flexible power system include cost-effective and reliable operations, energy decarbonization, and sustainable development. By conducting this research, the team will provide utilities and Independent System Operators with an innovative unified approach to communicate and quantitatively evaluate the system flexibility.”