Alumni Spotlight: Sean Joseph on Becoming a Role Model for Future Black Techprenuers

As a distinguished member of the information technology (IT) industry, Sean Joseph always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Since his early success in a high school business entrepreneurship team, Joseph knew that he just needed the right time and opportunity to start his journey as a business owner.

 Joseph is a 1996 College of Technology Computer Information Systems graduate and a board member for the Technology Alumni Association. He is the founder of Yunifire, a Houston-based IT service and staffing company established in 2015. The team at Yunifire is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and productivity.

 For Joseph, success looks different than what others might think; he strives to be a role model for young Black men interested in pursuing a STEM career or becoming a business owner.

 “Imposter Syndrome comes in for many people when you don’t see someone that looks like you working in your field,” said Joseph. “I'm here to be an advocate for those students that don’t see someone like them in the IT field.”

 As a second-generation college graduate, Joseph’s parents are his biggest inspiration. Similar to the impact his parents had on him, Joseph wants to carry that same encouragement to the next generation of leaders.

 “I’m here to remind students that regardless of where you come from, you can be successful in your field of work,” said Joseph.

 With nearly two decades of IT experience, Joseph knew he wanted the opportunity to work on projects he was passionate about. However, as Joseph began his business venture through Yunifire, he had moments where he doubted his capabilities to succeed. While many people experience Imposter Syndrome, Joseph handles his doubt by growing his organization through evolution and adaptation.

 “Imposter Syndrome really does happen. You will think to yourself ‘there’s people with more experience out there’ or ‘can I really do this without having the backgrounds others have?’” Joseph said. “But one thing I have is self-belief and knowing that every mistake or opportunity is a lesson.” 

While the technology field has grown over the past 25 years, Joseph notes how important his time at the College of Technology was to build a successful company.

 “The University of Houston prepared me for dealing with adversity, time management skills, and how to navigate social and business life,” said Joseph.  “Most importantly, I earned a degree that has been in demand for over 20 years. IT services are more in demand now than when I graduated.”

 Since Joseph’s time at the university, he has been able to work with new technologies, ideas, entrepreneurs, and companies that influenced him to create Yunifire. When asked about his success, he shared that perseverance and commitment are the cornerstones behind his organization.

 “If you have an idea and want to curate it, you will find the way and this is how evolution becomes a habit for an entrepreneur,” said Joseph.