Kovach Featured in ASQ Publication Dedicated to Women in Quality

Women are making a difference in the world of quality, and Jamison V. Kovach, professor of technology project management, is doing just that. She is director of the University of Houston College of Technology Lean Six Sigma Professional Training program, which is designed to assist organizations with implementing a quality improvement initiative. Kovach has spent 20 years in quality and was recently featured in the September 2019 issue of ASQ Quality Progress. The article, “We ARE Doing It,” included her commentary on the manifestation of workplace disparities and obstacles to career advancement.
“I’m honored to be featured in this publication alongside an amazing group of women in my field, she said. Gender is not something you can leave at the door. It’s an inherent part of you, and it makes you who you are. That being said, earlier research clearly demonstrates that the workplace—particularly in technical and male-dominated fields—is not yet a fair playing field for women.”
Read the article: http://asq.org/quality-progress/2019/09/career-development/we-are-doing-it.html