Engineering Technology Professor Deniz Gurkan Wins NSF Award for Computer Networking Research

Deniz Gurkan, associate professor of network communications, computer engineering technology, and computational health informatics, is the recipient of an award by the National Science Foundation.  Dr. Gurkan will receive  $345,000 to support a three-year networking technology systems research project with a focus on producing abstract, high-fidelity models of novel computer application networking traffic patterns. This research will distill complex applications into realistic models and help create new tools to separate application-specific behavior from infrastructure-specific behavior, capture complex application exchanges, and provide realistic models of networking traffic patterns.

Historically, workload generators based on generalized traffic models, have not been adequate for fast-evolving applications such as mobile, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices in end-user networks. The novel methods and protocols will make it easier to verify real-world scenarios.

The models will be integral to educational outreach efforts to high school, undergraduate, and graduate level computer networking and cybersecurity courses where representative topologies and application traffic drive hands on labs. The documentation for project tools and code and backing project data, will be available publicly for up to five years after the end of substantive project work in 2021. Source code and documentation source will be available on an ongoing basis.