Volunteers take initiative to help improve historic Third Ward

The University of Houston and Third Ward have formed a powerful partnership that works toward improving the neighborhood by progressing education, strengthening businesses, and celebrating the culture and history of the area.  A strong believer in leadership by example, Dr. Jerry Evans, associate professor of information and logistics technology is the champion of the College of Technology’s commitment to the UH Third Ward Initiative.  

During the first weekend of October, Evans was joined by technology students, members of the UH chapter of the Supply Chain Industry Organization (SIDO), and faculty whose dedication and commitment brought them to the nearby neighborhood.  The team worked with the Shape Community Center to help improve and preserve Third Ward by picking up trash and moving piles of mulch and materials needed for landscaping. Over the past two years, Evans has helped increase student participation in volunteer work.  

The team took a break in the middle of their volunteering to surprise associate professor Dan Cassler, with an award for his 15 years of service as coordinator of the Supply Chain and Logistics program.  He was presented with a crystal plaque amid the crowd of volunteers.