College of Technology Internal Grants Program - University of Houston
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2019-2020 Guidelines

Deadline: Monday, April 13, 2020
Submission: Submit a single PDF file to
Notification: Grant recipients will be notified by Monday, April 27, 2020.


The purpose of this program is to stimulate the research enterprise at the College of Technology through targeted investment of seed research funds that will increase external funding. The program will empower research labs and groups to submit competitive proposals in the four new institutional thrusts supported by the University, namely:

  1. Cyber- Physical Security,
  2. Drug Development/Discovery,
  3. Sustainable Communities and Infrastructure, or
  4. Accessible Healthcare.

For this fiscal year, we anticipate making three awards ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 each, depending upon the type and scope of research and availability of funds.


Full-time College of Technology tenured, tenure-track, and research faculty are eligible to apply for seed funding. Faculty with start‐up funds must provide additional justification for the request. A faculty member may serve as Principal Investigator (PI) on only one application per fiscal year. An award may be used for virtually any purpose as long as it supports the proposed research program and enhances the ability of the PI to obtain external funding.

Criteria for Award

  1. The proposed activities must represent high‐quality research of significant benefit to the University and society.
  2. A formal proposal to an external agency must be submitted by the end of the project period. Applications will be rigorously reviewed with regard to the likelihood that the applicant will meet this criterion.
  3. Support for instructional development activities or faculty salary will not be considered for this program.

Human Subjects Review/Animal Use

All projects involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects before the grant cost center will be established. All projects involving the use of animals in research must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee before the grant cost center will be established.

Intellectual Property

In accordance with University policy, faculty members and the University share in net income generated from intellectual property. For additional information, refer to the Faculty Handbook or contact the Office of Intellectual Property Management at 713‐743‐9155.

Reporting and Acknowledgement

Each grantee must submit a report not more than 90 days after completion of the grant describing the outcome of the project. The grantee must acknowledge College of Technology support in all publications resulting from the award and provide a copy of the publication to the Office of the Dean.

Proposal Application Format

  1. Proposal Cover Page
  2. Proposal Narrative
    Up to two double-spaced pages with one inch margins and at least 12-point font. The following outline should be used for the narrative portion of the application:
    • Abstract
    • Introduction: Emphasize the importance of the project and summarize previous research in the field. Place the major focus of the proposal in proper context.
    • Objectives: Describe the targeted goals and expected outcomes of the project, keeping in mind the criteria for the awards.
    • Significance & Impact: Describe the innovative and uniqueness of the project and potential applications.
  3. Internal and External Funding
    • Summarize any prior or current internal or external funding received. Include project title, amount, sponsor, project start and end dates, all key personnel (PIs, co-PIs, Investigators) and their respective % shares.
    • List potential sponsors and planned proposal submissions by the end of the project period.
  4. Curriculum Vitae
    Include vitae for all professional personnel who will work on the project. Do not exceed two pages for each individual. The curriculum vitae should indicate the total number of peer-reviewed publications and details of the five most significant ones for this research.
  5. References
    No page limitation; references may be single-spaced.
  6. Budget
    Provide a budget for expenditure of the funds by general category. If you have start-up funding, you must provide additional justifications for the request. The total project duration is limited to 12 months.
  7. Appendix (optional)
    Example: NSF or NIH reviews indicating the need for pilot data.